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12 Potential Strategic Areas in Papua

The province of Papua and the province of West Papua are two provinces on the island of Papua and are located in the eastern most region of the Republic of Indonesia and considered the largest province in Indonesia with a combined total area of 421,981 km2.

The island of Papua has not been encroached much by human activity and has abundant natural resources that promise opportunities for investment both local and foreign.

Land utilization in Papua is largely forest and is very suitable for agricultural use. Nevertheless, Papua also has natural marine potential rich with biodiversity and has a very beautiful landscape.

From a geological side, the island of Papua also possesses ample natural gas, oil and various other mining materials. But the extraordinary potential of the island of Papua has not been supported by adequate infrastructure.


This is due to the high regional inequality between the Western Region and the Eastern Region of Indonesia. And as one of the Islands in the Eastern Region of Indonesia, Papua is often highlighted as behind in infrastructure development. There are still many areas in Papua that are classified as isolated because of the lack of access to transportation

infrastructure that connects them with several other regency capitals. The low availability of basic infrastructure also causes the region’s economic growth rate in the island to be low. Thus, revamping Papua’s infrastructure is crucial in overcoming inequality and isolation.

With increased access to roads and airports, it is believed that it will accelerate Papua’s development and catch up with laggard ness. Therefore, in order to support the important role of Papua Island in the development of the Indonesian economy, which is considered to be one of the contributors of the Indonesian economy in the future, the government continues to make improvements in the provision of infrastructure, including infrastructure development in the field of public works and housing.

The provision of this infrastructure will provide opportunities for equal distribution of welfare and poverty reduction
through the empowerment of local communities. Development acceleration in Papua Island needs to be done soon and supported by the preparation of integrated infrastructure plans, especially public works infrastructure and housing infrastructure so that an infrastructure development that is synergistic, safe, comfortable, and sustainable for economic investment in Papua Island can be created.

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Based on PP no. 26 of 2008 on RTRWN and Local Regulation No.23 of 2013 on RTRW, it has been determined
that the island of Papua has 12 strategic areas. Four strategic area locations are primary areas in West Papua Province and 8 (eight) other strategic area locations are primary areas in Papua Province.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Works Decree No.13.1 Year 2015 on PUPR Strategic Plan stipulates
4 (four) Strategic Development Areas (WPS), namely WPS Sorong- Manokwari, WPS Manokwari-
Bintuni, WPS new Accessibility Nabire-Enarotali-Wamena, and WPS Border and Hinterland Jayapura-Merauke.