2018 Pemerintah Bangun Kereta Api di Papua

To Increase Logistics Mobility, Government Will Build Rail way Lines in Papua in 2018

The government will start building the Sorong-Manokwari railway line in 2018, including an Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL) and Detail Engineering Design(DED) in 2016.

The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) targets to commence construction of the Papua railway line in 2018. The first phase of the railway construction is a 390 km long Manokwari- Sorong segment.

The next phase in 2020-2024 will be the Manokwari-Nabire segment that stretches along the coast line of West Papua. The third phase of development in 2025-2030 will connect Sarmi-Nabire-Timika and designed to end up in Jayapura as quoted from finance.detik.com.

According to the Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI), Zaldy Ilham Masita, the construction of the Papua railway will facilitate the flow of logistics because the flowof goods from Manokwari to Sorong is relatively congested at present.

2018 Government Builds Railway in Papua

Thus, the presence of trains can greatly assist logistics movement in both cities. More over, he continued that more are currently using sea and air routes due to bad roads. “Logistics flow in Manokwari to Sorong is rather crowded. The road is busy

and the availability of a railway can help,” he explained.He revealed that the logistics flow from Manokwari to Sorong is dominated by fishery products, as well as forest and plantation products. From Manokwari to Sorong, the products produced are usually fish. The rests are mostly raw materials consisting of wood or plantation goods.” Sorong has a port where goods are shipped abroad or to Java,” he explained.

He said, with the construction of a railway line, logistics mobility in West Papua is predicted to increase continuously along with the current construction of a cement plant in Manokwari. “In addition, there is also a cement plant project in Manokwari and a railway line can be very help ful once the cement factory is ready,” he said.

Based on information from Kemenhub’s Director General for Railways, the Government will build a railway line that stretches from Papua’s west to east.

Total cost from 2015-2019 will amount to Rp 10.33 trillion. The 2017-2019 plan is for land procurement and the 2018-2019 plan is for the construction phase.