6 Education Sector Substances in West Papua

6 Education Sector Substances that should be Resolved in West Papua

As the basic capital of development,problems in the education west papua sectormust be addressed appropriately. This is also the contemplation of Commission X of the House of Representatives in its Working Visit (Kunker) on the 5th Trial Recess of Session Year 2016-2017 to Papua. Headed by the Deputy Chairman of Commission X, Ferdinandyah, there are at least six substances in the secondaryelementary education sector that have become the focus of attention. First is in relation to Early Childhood Education (PAUD) and community education. Second are the various problems that are confronted and providing advice and input to improve Papua’s basic and secondary qualities. Third is in relation to the problems of teachers and education personnel in west Papua.

Fourth are problems related to the development in the implementation of the Education Unit Level Curriculum (KTSP and the 2013 Curriculum (K13). Fifth are problems related to the national exam (UN), especially the implementation of UNI and UN Computer Based (UNBK) for three years in Papua. Sixth are issues related to Smart Card Indonesia (KIP), School Operational Aid (BOS), BOS Daerah (BOSDA) and Special Allocation Fund (DAK) for Education in West Papua. “We will also ask for inputs related to the improvement of KIP system, BOS, and DAK Education,” he said.


Meanwhile, in the higher educationsector, Commission X of the DPR will get deeper on a number of problems, including BOS funds for PTN, or known as Operational Assistance for State Universities (BOPTN).According to him, BOPTN is Kemendikbud’soperational aid for PTN to encourage PTN’squality improvement. Implemented since2012, BOPTN it self is calculated based onthe number of students. Since the enactment of BOPTN’spolicy, there will be no more higher fees in entering PTN, especially for new west Papua university students. A number of problems related to BOPTN funds are also being investigated by Commission X of the Houseof Representatives, including whether the disbursement of BOPTN funds was promptat the beginning of the semester or there was problem.

In addition, they also want to know howmany percent is BOPTN’s impact on Single Tuition Fee (BKT) and Single Tuition (UKT),which students have to shoulder in west Papua.Not just BOPTN, issues related tothe policy of the Ministry of Research,Technology and Higher Education on Bidikmisi (Education Assistance for Outstanding Poor), PPA (Academic Achievement Improvement), Adik (Higher Education Affirmation) and other scholarships and prompt disbursements of scholarships are also major concerns of Commission X, inaddition to the achievement success rate of programs.

(Source: tribunnews.com)