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The Important Role of the Hotel Industry in West Papua

Accommodation services or the hotel industry has an important role in developing a tourist destination, not only in improving the convenience of tourists, but also in the economic development of a region.

With the further increase in the hospitality industry in a region, it certainly affects increase in income, employment and business, and foreign exchange earnings.

In addition, with the use of resources and national and regional tourism potentials, the development of the hospitality industry can also introduce the identity and culture of the nation to foreign tourists.

West Papua Province has natural resources that are potential for tourist destinations, both for domestic and foreign tourists.

The number of foreign and domestic tourists coming to West Papua in the last three years also continues to increase. This certainly needs to be balanced by increasing the provision of hotel rooms and other accommodation.

In 2015, there were 125 accommodation units in West Papua or an increase of 6.84% as compared to the previous year.

Of these, as many as 15 units are Starred Hotels, while 110 other units are in the form of budget hotels, inns, lodging, guesthouses, cottages, and others.

The location of accommodation is spread in eight regencies / cities, namely in regencies of Fakfak (7 hotel units), Kaimana (7 hotel units), Teluk Wondama (1 hotel unit), Bintuni Bay (21 hotel units), Manokwari (30 hotel units), Raja Ampat(30 hotel units), Sorong City (27 hotel units).

With the addition in the number of hotels, it will surely increase the absorption of labor and increase the standard level of education of the workforce.

By 2015, employment absorbed in the hospitality sector was 1,696 people where 74.5%percent were educated in high school or the equivalent.

Workforce with S-1 level of education is 10.8% and education level below SMU is8.7%.

While the workforce with education level D-1 s / d D-3 is 5.5%, and level S2 /S3 is 0.53%.Room Occupancy Rate (TPK) of hotels as a whole in West Papua in 2016reached 41.12%. While star-rated hotels reached 48.27% and non-star TPK hotels only reached 33.14%.

Average Length of Staying Guests(RLTM) is also an indicator of the development of hotels. Overall, RLTM(foreign tourists and domestic tourists) in West Papua Province in 2016 is for 1 – 2days.

While RLTM for foreign tourists in West Papua is about 2 – 3 days and RLTM for domestic tourists is about 1-2 days.

Overall, the numbers of foreign and domestic tourists who came to visitand stayed in West Papua in 2016 were188,739 people or an increase of 33.39%as compared to the previous year.

The numbers of foreign tourists who came and stayed in West Papua in 2016were 3,223 people or about 1.77% of th etotal tourist guests who came and stayed. To facilitate accommodation for foreign and domestic tourists in Fakfak Regency, there is the Grand Papua Hotel, Hotel Fakfak, Hotel Sulinah, Hotel Tembagapura, and Hotel Marcopolo.

In Kaimana Regency, there is Kaimana Beach Hotel, Grand Kaimana Hotel, Five Sisters Lodging, and Sinar Krooy Permai Inn. In Wondama Bay Regency, there is Hotel Wasior.

In BintuniBay Regency, there are Hotel Steenkool,Cahaya Tanete Lodging, Lodging Kabira,Lodging Cendrawasih, Lodging Gosyen, Setia Abadi Lodging, Lodging 77, Lodging84, Sinar Abadi Inn, and Lodging Central II.

In Manokwari Regency, there is Swiss Bell-hotel Manokwari, Mansinam BeachHotel, Aston Niu Hotel, Hotel Mokwam, Simple Heritage Hotel, Hotel Mangga, Hotel Billy Jaya, Hotel Fujita, Hotel Triton, Hotel Century Inn, Hotel Valdos,Hotel Nusa Indah, Acropora Cottage and Restourant, Maras Risen, Waisai Indah,and Marcy’s Inn.

In Sorong City, there is Hotel Mariat, Hotel Grand Pacific, Hotel JE – Meredien,Hotel Waigo, Hotel Cendrawasih, Hotel Indah, Hotel Citra, The Belagri Hotel & Convention, The Luxio Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Swiss Bell, Hotel Paparisa Manisee, Hotel Tanjung 3, Hotel You and Me, HotelRoyal Mamberamo, Hotel Guardian Familyand Hotel City View

West Papua Investment in the Tourism Sector