Amazing, Papua The 20th Papua National Sports Week (PON) Increasing Local Economic Potential

Papua Province is known to be rich in metal mineral resources such as copper, gold and silver. On the other hand, the province with the pet name Cenderawasih Land is still struggling with the challenge of alleviating poverty.

The 20th Papua PON, as a national event that involves numerous stakeholders, participating athletes, officials, coaches, and spectators both locally and outside the region, has enormous potential and opportunity in advancing economic growth in the eastern tip province of the archipelago. The target is for local communities to benefit from this national level activity.

As reported by a page from Republika (18/8/2021), the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) so far reports that Papua’s economic growth until the second quarter of 2021 has increased by 13.14 percent from the mining and quarrying sectors.Meanwhile, outside the mining and quarrying sectors, there was an increase of 2.81 percent. With the celebration of the PON, growth outside the main stay sectors of Papua is projected to accelerate even more.

Nationally, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indonesian economy actually started to grow by 7.07 percent. For Papua in particular, the increase in gold and copper commodity production is quite significant causing Papua’s economic growth in mining and quarrying to grow positively since the fourth quarter of 2020. With this basis of data,the 20th PON should be able to optimize economic growth potential.

Specifically, Forkopimda Papua, as a core stakeholder in policy making,needs to pay attention to the handling and controlling of Covid-19 in order to reduce the number of cases while at the same time normalizing the activities of the Papuan people. Efforts in boosting the local economy must not disregard the pandemic’s threat that is very likely to occur in the 20th PON with so many crowds. Fortunately, this has been strictly anticipated through the implementation of mandatory vaccines for every athlete, official, and visitor participating in the 20th Papua PON event. The health protocol is also an element that remains a major concern during its implementation.

West Papua The 20th Papua National Sports Week PON Increasing Local Economic Potential

Mobilizing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) One of the components of the local economy that needs to be optimized during PON is the economic wheel of MSMEs. So far, the government has given important attention in welcoming the economic impact in Papua during the PON and Peparnas events. The Ministry of Cooperatives, Small, and Medium Enterprises (Kemenkop UKM),for instance, as reported by (2/9/2021), has provided varioussupport. These include the Smesco East Hub program, consolidating initiatives related to logistics and the Smesco Center of Excellence for Eastern Indonesia, which is operated by Smesco Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Revolving Fund Management Agency for Cooperatives,Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (LPDB KUMKM) also provides revolving funds (capital) for cooperatives. There is also training and mentoring that has reached 1,740 MSME participants in Papua and West Papua. According to the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki, PP no. 7 of 2021 Chapter VII Article 135 has regulated the development of integrated incubation which requires the Regional Government to establish and develop at least 1 incubator at the provincial level and 1 at the City/Regency.

In supporting the development of MSMEs during this PON, the government also launched the Papua Program through an informal to formal transformation process with a target of 200 micro enterprises, displaying and selling superior SME products in the Papua and West Papua Provinces at the SMESCO Provincial Pavilion,and the Smesco Noken Movement, as well as campaigning and encouraging products from the provinces of Papua and West Papua so that they can be sold in department stores.

For people outside Papua who are not directly present at the 20th Papua PON,their market potential can still be targeted through digitizing market traders in Papua and West Papua. For instance,access to MSME products marketed on digital platforms is managed in such a way that their reach remains on a national and global scale. Meanwhile,those who are in attendance in person,product displays at the airport or at the PON cluster location should also be arranged.

Not to be missed, Papua has the potential for creative young people who can encourage creative economic growth by combining narratives between cultural-traditional wisdom and technology. There are already several creative community networks such as Numbay Kreatif (JKON) in Jayapura, which recently held the Creative People Conference (KO-OKE). This can all be a center of excellence for initially improving the local economy of Papua by taking advantage of the PON’s two week implementation.

In the long-term, the target is not just the Papuan PON’s completion and the economy will not grow anymore. However, there must be continuous sustainability through productive market mechanisms. Certainly, this is the responsibility of all parties who care about the extensive alleviation of poverty in Papua.

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West Papua The 20th Papua National Sports Week PON Increasing Local Economic Potential1