Papuans Hate Armed Criminal Group KKB

Papuans Hate Armed Criminal Group (KKB)

The land of Papua with all its beauty is an integral part of the unitary state of the republic of Indonesia. In fact, Papuans are very loyal and in love with the Indonesian people.

This was conveyed by former Free Papua Movement Activist John Al. norotouw, who has returned to the fold of the republic of Indonesia. John added, in Papua there are various tribes from allover Indonesia so that it can be called a miniature of Indonesia. To develop Papua, it is necessary to consider the diversity that exists in Papua.

The government is currently providing special package or extraordinary attention with the Papua Special Autonomy fund. He considered that if these funds were managed properly, Papua would progress as compared to the others.“The government has provided a millennium package through the Papua Special Autonomy fund.

Supposedly, with this attention, Papua can progress rapidly. The main problem in Papua is that there are individuals who commit corruption. If people from outside Papua tradeareca nut, we can still pick up the fallen nuts. However, if corruption is present, everything is consumed and there is nothing left, like a clean table,” he said after the webinar entitled Separatism and Terrorism in Papua held by the European Association for Indonesia.

Armed Criminal Group KKB Causes Many Victims
Armed Criminal Group KKB Causes Many Victims

john Al. norotow is a former member of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) and has now realized his mistake and declared his loyalty to the republic of Indonesia. He admitted that he took the decision to join the Indonesian government, for the sake of a prosper-ous and advanced Papuan people.

The struggle he used to do was very different from the current Armed Criminal Groups. “When I was fighting, it never hurt Papuans. Now, Armed Criminal Group (KKB) is committing violence and killing Papuans. In the past, what we met was the Government. We once met with American President john F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Butnow, figures like Benny Wenda are meeting with NGOS that can bring in money or benefit their interests,” he explained.

john concluded that Papua had been recognized and declared by the unit-ed nations to be included in Indonesia. Papua, as part of Indonesia, is final because it is recognized by the united nations. Even those who want to liberate Papua are unable to revoke this resolution or decision.

One thing to note is that Papua reflects diversity because Papua has many ethnic groups and joins Indonesia which also consists of many ethnic groups. This fact enriches Indonesia.

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