Optimistic that Government Attention and Effort in Human Resources in Papua

Optimistic Papuan Government’s Attention and Efforts are Better

WestPapuaTabloid – The Indonesian government continues to strive to improve the quality of human resources, especially through education. With a high level of education, it is hoped that the best children of Papua will later become the front liners in the development in Papua.

Steps taken by the government include building school buildings, creating or opening new universities in the provinces of Papua and West Papua, and sending Papuan children to various parts of Indonesia and to various parts of the world.

The president of the State Islamic university/uIn Jakarta Prof. Dr. Amany lubis, LC, MA is very optimistic that Papua’s future will be better, much more in the development of the education sector in Papua. He appreciated Government steps in developing Papuan human resources. “The Government effort in the development of the education and human resources sector will make Papua better in the future.

Prioritize Papua HR Development

I am very optimistic that Papuan human resources will become very reliable in the future,” he said after being a resource person in the Webinar understanding Papua”Series #1 Theme: “Future Education in Papua” on July 1, 2021, organized by the netherland – Indonesia Partnership rotary.“The Indonesian government specifically provides facilities in an effort to improve the quality of education and human resources.of course, the hope is that the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) will be achieved. The government through the Ministry of Education is also increasing literacy and digitalization in education in Papua. The aim of all this is to prepare Papuans to become agents of exchange,” he explained.

Prof. Dr. Amany appreciated Government efforts in encouraging people in Papua to obtain higher education from various disciplines ranging from anthropology, socio culture, mining, engineering, religion, and others. Programs offered to Papuan students through various scholar-ships are: lPDP, Bidik Misi, affirma-tions, ADEM, and ADIK.

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