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Bintuni Bay Initiated as a Conservation Area

The waters of Bintuni Bay in West Papua Province have 260,000 ha of mangrove forest formation or about 10 percent of the mangrove area in Indonesia. This makes Bintuni Bay as a water area with high fishery potential.

Along the coast of Bintuni Bay is a potential area for fishing activities for fishermen. One of them is shrimp, which is very dominant in the waters of Bintuni Bay.

The mangrove ecosystem, with muddy waters and large rivers that empty into the bay, is a good habitat for shrimp breeding. Based on survey results in the period of October 2016 -April 2017, average shrimp production captured by fishermen in the waters of Bintuni Bay is as much as 6.17 tons per month.


On the other hand, the Bintuni Bay area also has considerable natural gas reserves, including the Taroi and Weriagar water areas, which are the

fishing grounds for the community.The seismic technology used in the exploration and exploitation of natural gas is feared to affect the surrounding environment, especially the fishery resources. Physical damage to fish and other species of the region depends heavily on the impulse sound characteristic of the seismic technology used.

Therefore, many parties, especially mass organizations, are encouraging the West Papua Provincial Government to initiate new conservation areas in Bintuni Bay as protected and managed water areas to realize sustainable management of fish and environmental resources.

Of course, efforts to conserve natural resources are expected to go hand in hand with existing developments. Exploration activities that are not balanced by conservation efforts will lead to environmental imbalances.

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