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Facilitation of Raja Ampat Natural Tourist Destination

West Papua Tabloid – The government has targeted 25 locations to be supported in relation to the increase of cultural, natural, and artificial tourist destinations, and one of them is the Raja Ampat tourist attraction located in West Papua Province.

The facilitation was able to give positive impact and achievement, such as the increase of Yacht and Cruise ship visits to Raja Ampat.

One of the development steps for marine tourist destinations is the enactment of Presidential Decree No. 105 of 2015 on visits of foreign tourist vessel (yacht) to Indonesia.

The Presidential Decree provides several facilities, among them the elimination of the provisions concerning CAIT (Clearance Approval for Indonesia Territory).

As a follow up to Presidential Decree Number 105 of 2015,the Minister of Transportation Decree No. PM 171 of 2015 on Procedure of Foreign Tour (Yacht) Services in Indonesian Waters has also been enacted.


Ease is given to yachts and cruise ships that enter and exit through 18 ports. The facilitation provides a positive impact on the growth of yacht and cruise ship visits.

In 2015, there were 1,198 yacht arrivals with 3,594 foreign tourists, while in 2016, there was an increase in yacht arrivals to 1,900 with 4,500 foreign tourists.

As for cruise ships, in 2015, there were 361 cruise ship arrivals with 108,300 foreign tourists, and in 2016, there were 357 cruise ship arrivals with 107,100 foreign tourists.

Efforts to improve the governance of tourist destinations are focused on two critical success factors, which are Destination Management that includes financial, operational, marketing, human resources, and innovation; as well as Destination Improvement that is concentrated on infrastructure development in support of the development of accessibility, amenities, and other tourism support facilities.

From the 25 targeted locations (cluster), the Government has realized 27 locations or 108%, consisting of 25 existing clusters and 2 new clusters.

The existing clusters are Sabang, Toba, Nias, Muaro Jambi, Palembang, Kota Tua, Kepulauan Seribu, Pangandaran, Borobudur, Bromo Tengger Semeru, Pemuteran, Batur, Sanur, Rinjani, Komodo, Flores, Wakatobi, Toraja, Bunaken, Derawan, Sentarum , Belitung (Tanjung Kelayang), Tanjung Puting, Morotai Island, and Raja Ampat.

A total of 13,388 tourists have visited Raja Ampat, consistingof 10,427 foreign tourists and 2,961 local tourists (wisnus).