The Government of West Papua Province Provides First-rate Service and Passion to Serve

The Government of West Papua Province Provides First-rate Service and Passion to Serve

The creation and strengthening oft he political, security and defense systems in West Papua province is made through the enhancement of regional safeguards, as well as meeting the needs of defense and security facilities and infrastructure, as well as placing officials in conflict prone areas.

For the fulfillment and management of the need for basic foodstuffs and the need for protein food sources of the community,in the third phase of the RPJM (2017-2022), the Government of West Papua province focuses on increasing the volume and continuity of agricultural production as well as growth stimulation of agriculture business units of staple food, livestock,and fisheries as well as expediting the distribution of staple food to strategic areas.

The next focus is the development of food patterns as well as increased value added agriculture for improving the welfare of farmers through the improvement of food diversification, value-added,competitiveness, and exports with the establishment of industries as well as the creation of a conducive business climate.

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To open access to make all areas more accessible, the West Papua Provincial Government focuses on fulfilling transportation infrastructure needs int he form of; Maintenance of road and bridge networks so that they are easily accessible for vehicles; Maintenance and rehabilitation of all land, sea, air transportation infrastructures, as well as river, lake and crosswalk transportation so they can function fully.

Fulfill the need of public infrastructures and utilities services through the maintenance and rehabilitation of all utilities and public services so that they can function optimally.In the case of Local Regional Revenue (PAD), the West Papua Provincial Government is focusing on

increasing PAD through the identification of potential local resources and managing regional wealth by establishing Regional State Owned Enterprises (BUMDs) as well as a cooperation system with private sectors or other regional governments.

The increase in PAD is also intended to reduce dependence on the Balancing Fund in West Papua’s financing development.

For that reason, the West Papua provincial government is focusing on the development of competence and professionalism of the government apparatus through;

  • Implementation of functional education and training as an effort to increase the capacity, capability,neutrality, and awareness of government apparatus related to their respective roles,duties and functions, including deftness in general knowledge, foreign language skills, computer and technology;
  • instilling and discerning West Papua’s vision and mission to the government apparatus, as a mental direction effort, to make the vision and mission as the main orientation for all roles, positions, main tasks, and functions;
  • Supervising the performance of the apparatus in order to provide excellent service with sincerity and passion of serving the whole society;
  • Designing of apparatus performance appraisal system based on achievement and sanction;Increasing understanding and involvement of government apparatus in preparing work plans and regional development plans.

Next is the creation and application of government systems in accordance with the principles of good governance through;

  • Implementation of a clean and professional recruitment process;
  • Designing and implementation of accountable government financial and performance systems;
  • Designing and implementation of a system that guarantees transparency of information concerning data, regulations,procedures, and others that are public in nature; and
  • Designing a system that facilitates the aspirations of the community either in the form of criticism, suggestion,complaint, or question.
  • Designing and implementation of systems that ensure the implementation of monitoring, evaluation and accountability of government performance and executing development in an open manner;
  • Preparation of operational standards of implementation and technical execution plan of tasks that is complete, clear, and easy to understand.
  • Optimizing the role of the Regional People’s Representative Assembly (DPRD), Civil Service Supervisor (PPNS),press / media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), researchers,and community in the implementation of overseeing the implementation of governance and regional development programs.
  • Creating standardization and information reduction mechanisms and informal coordination, which will serve as a responsibility of former personnel to new personnel when regenerating or restructuring the government.
  • Involving the public in every process of planning, program implementation,and supervision of government and development activities.
  • Mobilizing public hearings, stakeholders meetings, public opinion polls, research and study reporting,simple voting, public discussions and consultations, and other public forums to discuss matters of public interest.

Division of duties and authorities should be explicit and written, as well as socialization and implementation of command and coordination systems between internal government agencies together with the public and private in the implementation of government administrative tasks and regional development technical tasks in order to run effectively and efficiently.

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