President Jokowis Policy Brings Progress to Papua

President Jokowi’s Policy Brings Progress to Papua

He claims to be a witness that development in Papua is very advanced and even more superior to South Pacific countries. Why not, the government built 4,231 km. Of roads so that all areas are passable by cars.

Papua consists of 42 districts and 560 districts. “The airport has even 5 international runways. It used to be dark, now it has electricity, this is spectacular progress,” he explained. According to him, the central government is currently providing the widest possible autonomy.

In other words, he continued, giving authority to regional governments with huge budgets. The government does not intervene in the extraordinary budget. “In other provinces, it is not so. I always advise the Governor to use this trust as best as he can.

The Papua Special Autonomy fund is a brilliant policy. As in education, there are scholarships for Papuans so they can study at home and abroad.

Therefore, there are no restrictions or discrimination, whoever has the talent is welcome, “he explained. Unfortunately, the enormous Special Autonomy fund has not been able to reach all those who are entitled to enjoy it.

One of the things that cause the inefficient distribution of the special autonomy fund is due to the corruption committed by irresponsible elements.

Therefore, the Government of Indonesia must establish a good oversight mechanism so that all funds earmarked for the Papuan people can be enjoyed by all levels of Papuan society, and those who do corruption must be punished according to existing rules.

Mathematically, Papua should be more advanced than it is today if the special autonomy funds that have been flowing since 2001 can achieve its target.

In the current condition, funds do not reach all levels of society and only a certain group of people is enjoying it. This causes people who don’t benefit from the special autonomy fund to feel disappointed.

Ambassador Michael Manufandu is grateful that for the special autonomy fund volume 2, the Government of Indonesia has learned from previous experiences, so that it has established a good mechanism in its distribution. Therefore, he is very optimistic that the use of the special autonomy fund in the future can make the Papuan people prosper.

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