BBM di Papua Barat Mahal

West Papuans Enjoy Cheap Fuel Prices

PT Pertamina (Persero) has increased the number of channeling agencies for one price fuel in Suasapor Sub-district, TambrauwRegency, West Papua.

This is a type of corporate compliance incarrying out an assignment. According to the General Managerof the Pertamina’s Marketing Operation Region VIII Maluku Papua, Made Adi Putra, with the increasing number of channeling agencies in Tambrauw, Pertamina currently operates 29 points of fuel channeling agencies in the foremost, outer and remoteareas (3T) throughout Indonesia.

He revealed that 12 points of channeling agencies of one price fuel is currently available in Papua and West Papua. The fuel channeling agency is  aCompact Fuel General Filling Station (SPBU).

“Until the end of  November 2017, for the region of Papua and West Papua Pertamina has realized 12 of the 16 fuel location targets of the one price fuel until 2017.


This is pursuant to the government assignment attached to ESDM Permen No 36 of 2016,” saidMade, in Jakarta, Friday (11/24/2017).

According to him, compact gas stations in Tambrauw will sell diesel products at Rp 5,150 per liter and premium at Rp 6,450 per liter.

In fact, the price of fuel in Tambraw previously reached Rp20,000 per liter.

“Just like the point of other channeling agenciesin this one price fuel program, the compact gas stations arelocated in areas that are difficult to access,” he explained.

He supplied fuel to the mentioned gas station. Pertamina sends fuel from the Sorong fuel terminal travelling on a road which is partly unpaved. Therefore, it is difficult to travel  trucks.

“To distribute fuel to Tambrauw from Sorong fuel terminal, the operational challenge is the inability to use large gasoline trucks.

To fulfill the allocation needs of gas stations, delivery is done several times using small trucks “he explained. Head of BPH Migas, M Fanshurullah Asa, asserted that the construction of gas stations in 3T areas is not easy because of the geographical location and high freight costs, so the right target for one price fuel needs to be considered. “The local government and its apparatus need monitoring so that the fuel distribution of one price fuel is right on target” he said.