west papua coffee

West Papua Arfak Arabica Coffee, Not Just Taste

Papua coffee has quality taste and is highly enthusing toboth local and international communities. In response, the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) urges Papua coffee to go International.

PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (PPI) is planning to market Papua coffee to a number of countries. Currently, it is conducting trials to market the product in the country. For the local market, PPI aims to market the  coffee in Java.

“So PPI’s downstream is now underway and the trial and marketing process is ongoing (Marketing Area) in Jakarta. We will open outlets all over Java. Incidentally, PPI has heritage buildings in Jakarta, Semarang, Solo, Jogjakarta


and Surabaya, “said PPI President Director Agus Andiyani in Wamena, Papua. Tuesday (21/11/2017). Agus acknowledged that some countries, such as China and Russia have asked PPI to export original Indonesian coffee products.

Of course, he added, it will use the opportunity to market Papua coffee to these two countries. “We are trying to export the market to China, Russia and some other countries.

There is a possibility that it can get there. The target is to sell Papua coffee to export markets in 2018 while waiting for the coffee’s production and market readiness, “he said.