COSTING IDR 1.8 TRILLION The Youtefa Bridge is a Unifying Symbol of Indonesia

West Papua Tabloid – The Youtefa Bridge is the pride of the Papuan people becauseit is the longest bridge in the province. As a Papuan landmark, this bridge is believed to stand firm for the next 100 years. This bridge is also printed in the Rp 75 thousand bill.

Previously, the bridge was named Holte kamp. Its name was changed to Youtefa because it is located above the Youtefa Bay. Not only that, the Youtefa bridge has also won two MURI records in the category for shipping a steel truss bridge with the farthest distance,and the installation of the longest full steel truss bridge.

As quoted from,President Joko Widodo inaugurated the Youtefa Bridge and the Declaration of the Inspirational Papua Youth Creative Hub Development in Jayapura on a Monday, October 28,2019. The Youtefa Bridge is expected to become an icon and pride for the Papuan people.

The Youtefa Bridge connects Jayapura City with Muara Tami District. This bridge has a total length of 11.6 kilometers, consisting of 433 meters of middle span, 900 meters bridge approach on the Youtefa side, 320 meters road approach on the Hamadi side, and 9,950 meters of access road.

COSTING IDR 1.8 TRILLION The Youtefa Bridge is a Unifying Symbol of Indonesia

With this bridge, the travel time from Jayapura City to Muara Tami District and the Skouw State Border Post (PLBN), which was previously 1.5 hours,is now only 45 minutes. In addition, this bridge is projected to support the welfare of the community in various fields.

According to President Jokowi during the inauguration of this bridge, the Youtefa Bridge is a milestone in Papua, which is not only a symbol of unifying Indonesia as a nation, but also a pledge to build the land of Papua. The President really hopes that Papua will progress like other regions in Indonesia.In the future, the Youtefa Bridge will nurture the embryo of a new economic center in the Skouw border area because markets and kiosks will be built after the PLBN’s construction.This bridge will also be used as a supporting facility in the 20th Papua PON activities.This iconic red bridge has a construction value of Rp. 1.8 trillion.With such a large development budget, we hope that Papuans can participate in maintaining cleanliness and preserve it as the Youtefa Bridge will eventually become part of the people of Jayapura and Papua.On a different occasion, the Deputy Minister (Wamen) of Minister For Public Works and Human Settlements (PUPR), John Wempi Wetipo said that the construction of this bridge was a proof of President Jokowi’s commitment to the infrastructure development in Eastern Indonesia.This bridge is one proof that Jokowi is not halfhearted in developing Papua. “More over, I am a son of Papua who is currently entrusted with being the Deputy Minister to help realize the President’s commitment to infrastructure development,” said Wempi, as reported by

Head of the National Road Implementation Center (BBPJN) XVIII Jayapura Directorate General of Highways, Osman Harianto Marbun said the existence of the bridge will also control the pace of development of Jayapura City in the western part,which is mountainous and very risky in damaging the forest as a water catchment area for the sustainability of Jayapura City. “This bridge will further direct the development of Jayapura City to the Koya area,” he said The next development is for water tourism because it is supported by scenic views of the bay and hills.

With the PON event, this bridge will shorten the distance and travel time to the Koya area as it will be the venue for several sports. It is planned that Youtefa Bay will be the venue for rowing matches.

Visitors who want to see the beauty of this red bridge can do it from a distance when there is still light or when it is already dark. At night, this bridge will be illuminated by an Intelligent Color Lighting that can be programmed or controlled as needed and is flexible in terms of color combinations and brightness levels.

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