West papua news 2021 – The Indonesian House of Representatives has ratified the second amendment to Law No. 21 of 2001 concerning the Special Autonomy of the Papua Province became a law. The government and the DPR agreed to amend 20 articles consisting of 3 articles proposed by the government through a Presidential Letter and 17 articles outside the government’s proposal. One of the articles that was amended was regarding the amount of special autonomy funds disbursed to Papua. Where is currently increased to 2.25%. In the economic field, it has also been agreed that the Oil and Gas Revenue Sharing Fund (DBH) of 70% for the Province of West Papua is extended from 2026 to 2041. The fund is used as much as possible to improve the welfare of the Papuan people.

In response to this, the following is an exclusive interview with the Head of the Center for Policy and Performance Analysis of Bappenas Velix Wanggai:

“We are grateful that the government took the right steps to revise the law. The revision of the law is a large part of the long-running evaluation process. There are three notes, including: first, the implementation of Otsus Papua has been running for 20 years. So, there are problems, nodes that need to be addressed. For this reason, the first step is a thorough evaluation. Second, the Government pays special attention to the evaluation of the financial management of Otsus Papua which has been running for 20 years. Moreover, the allocation of funds from year to year has reached more than Rp 100 trillion for 20 years. Third, based on the mandate of the law, we must implement a policy on allocation of Papua Special Autonomy funds which is valid for 20 years ending in 2021. So there is a need for evaluation for the extension of Papua Special Autonomy. After the revision of the Special Autonomy (Otsus), there were several changes to the development planning from the previous Otsus.

This revised Otsus is intended for the government’s road map for the next 20 years for development in Papua and West Papua. The government has planned to manage funding within the framework of Special Autonomy to accelerate welfare development in Papua Province.

There are main areas of development for the welfare of the Papuan people for the next 20 years or the 2021-2041 design, including: education, nutritional health, community economic empowerment, development of transportation infrastructure, electricity, clean water, telecommunications, and environmental sanitation. Furthermore, the environment, sustainable development and management of the utilization of Otsus funding.

The policy direction of the special autonomy fund for Papua and West Papua in 2022 consists of 4 objectives. First, increasing the use of the Papua Autonomy Fund to increase HDI, increasing the competence of Papuan Indigenous people in all areas of development, reducing poverty, increasing economic growth, growing new economic centers in 7 customary areas, reducing expensive costs, maintaining a sustainable environment, building an inclusive social life. , safe and peaceful and improve inter-regional connectivity through the Additional Infrastructure Fund, the amount of which is agreed upon between the DPR-RI at the suggestion of the Government. reporting, monitoring, controlling, and evaluating the use of funds and the performance achievements of the Special Autonomy Fund. Third, paying attention to the development needs and priorities of each district/city in Papua in stages until the Sustainable Papua Transformation is achieved in 2030. Fourth, the focus of development is to improve the welfare of Papuan Indigenous People (OAP) through economic transformation based on indigenous territories upstream to downstream, improvement of superior, innovative, character and contextual Papuan human resources, improvement of basic and economic infrastructure, improvement of governance and security by upholding respect for human rights, improvement of environmental quality and disaster resilience.

Even so, the Government will focus on developing Papua in the next 20 years by increasing the Human Development Index (IPM), namely: increasing the competence of indigenous Papuans in all fields, reducing poverty, increasing economic growth, growing new economic centers in 7 customary areas, decreasing the level of cost, and biodiversity conservation as well as the preservation of the environment. Furthermore, the establishment of an inclusive, safe and peaceful social life.

For the new scheme for managing Papua Special Autonomy funds from Law no. 2 year 2021 is divided into two. First, special autonomy funds with a general scheme of 1 percent. Second, the special scheme Otsus funds amounted to 1.25 percent. This general scheme is for the fields of development, maintenance of public services, improving the welfare of indigenous Papuans, strengthening traditional institutions and other matters based on regional needs and priorities in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. Meanwhile, the special scheme is intended for education, health, and community economic empowerment.

Over the next 20 years, of course, there will be dynamics in the implementation of Otsus. For this reason, it is necessary to formulate a comprehensive strategy for Papua after the revision of the law. There are at least four strategy formulations, including: first, the strategy of democracy, social, and security. Second, an integrated development acceleration strategy, third, a substantial Special Autonomy strategy, and fourth, a regional administration strategy or provincial expansion.”

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