Education in Papua is the key to success in the development of the land of Cendrawasih

Education in Papua is the key to success in the development of the land of Cendrawasih

West Papua – Education is the key to success in the development of the land of Cendrawasih. Human resources Development (hr) in the education sector in Papua and West Papua has increased. The Director of the Kalaway Muda Institute, nanny uswanas confirmed this.

According to him, the increase in human resources in the education sector is none other than the effect of the Special Autonomy fund (otsus)provided by the Central Government. So far, the impact of otsus on the land of Papua in the education sector has made many Papuans become bachelor graduates and others.

“They get scholarships from the Central Govern-ment’s Special Autonomy”, said nanny uswanas after the webinar discussion on the Benefits of Special Autonomy for Papuan youth Education and Development.

According to him, many Papuans are already out of the comfort zone be-cause the development of times does not stick them on becoming Civil Servants (PNS). “Many friends have gone out of their comfort zone.

Many of them have become entrepreneurs, co-medians, youTubers, and others. This is the impact of the otsus policy thatis evident.

According to him, many indigenous Papuan children have good talents.“So, education in Papua has developed and changed the minds of young Papuan children. This means that education has many outcomes and has changed the mindset of young Papuan children,” he said.

Papuan youth leader Ali Kabiay evaluates that the Special Autonomy fund from the Central Government for Papua have so far been successful.Therefore, Special Autonomy has been running well and developing Papuan human resources in the field of education.

Special Autonomy for Papua did not fail. nonetheless, Ali requested that the Special Autonomy fund be channeled properly and on target for the next generation of Papuan children.The Papua Provincial Government manages this Special Autonomy.

Therefore, the Special Autonomy fund must be properly used and evaluated.“There must be an evaluation, why?So weaknesses and strengths in the field of education in particular can be recognized. So, don’t blame the cen-tral government for its Special Autonomy fund,” said Ali.Ali also assessed that regional security is also important to build quality education and human resources in Papua because everything will go well in a safe condition. Those who create un-rest must be number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy for the Papua Province.

In the 2021 State revenue and Expenditure Budget Draft (RAPBN 2021), the Government stipulates that the Special Autonomy fund for the Provinces of Papua and West Papua is IDR 7.8 trillion.

In addition to the Special Autonomy fund, there is also an allocation of an Additional Infrastructure Fund (DTI) of Rp. 4.3 trillion to accelerate the provision of infrastructure for the two provinces. Since 2002, the Special Autonomy fund for Papua and West Papua has reached Rp. 126.99 trillion. The provision of Special Autonomy fund of that size clearly contributes significantly to regional revenues.

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