Former Free Papua Movement Activists

Papuan who really love indonesia and are loyal citizens of indonesia

West Papua News 2021, Former Free Papua Movement activist john Al. Norotouw said that the conflict in Papua must be resolved because Papua is part of the unitary State of the republic of Indonesia.  According to him, the united nations recognized and declared Papua as part of Indonesia.

They Cant Repeal Un Resolutions

“I want to declare to all of Indonesia,at all levels and up to the President. Indonesia is united by diversity from differences. Papua is very different,but among them many from various tribes in habit Papua,”“It is Papuans who love Indonesia very much and are loyal citizens of Indonesia,” said john Al. Norotouw during a webinar entitled Separatism and Terrorism Papua held by the European Association for Indonesia, Saturday(19/6/2021).

According to him, Papua as part of Indonesia is final because the united nations recognizes it. Even those who want to liberate Papua are unable to revoke this un resolution or decision.“They don’t have and are unable to revoke the resolution because it was chosen from a vote of (sovereign countries) at the united nations,” he explained.

John Norotouw’s recipe for dealing with the Papuan conflict

Former Free Papua Movement (OPM) fighter John Al Norotouw stressed the importance of taking an approach to building the body and building the spirit of Papua in dealing with problems in Papua.

This should be done by the government in dealing with problems in Papua.”All elements of the Papuan community, including the government, the private sector and the Papuan people themselves, work together to build wholeheartedly and build Papuan reconciliation,” said John Norotouw at the launch of the book Save Our Papua in Jakarta, Saturday (11/10/2012).

For physical development, according to him, the government needs to open access to isolation, build roads in mountainous areas, other remote areas and provide transportation subsidies. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen social cohesion between migrants and local residents by providing places or activities to interact and assimilate.

“Empowerment of the people’s economy must be carried out in accordance with the geographical character, the potential of local communities in each Papua region,” he said.According to John, the development of the soul must be done by healing the wounds of the past.

Because the bad experiences of the past certainly left deep wounds for the Papuan people who experienced them. “Papua’s progress in the future, there is no point in reopening the wound, it’s time to treat it without adding to the wound,” he said.John emphasized the importance of burying grudges in building the soul of Papua. “It would be better if we said let’s organize better in the future,” he explained.