The Nabire Police in Papua raided a warehouse stockpiling subsidized fuel on Jalan Cempaka, Bumi Wonorejo Village, Nabire District, Papua, on Wednesday (7/9/2022).

Quoting https://papua. inews.id/, thousands of liters of Pertalite and Biosolar were confiscated from the location. Based on the information gathered, this raid was carried out on reports related to the presence of a fuel stockpiling warehouse in the Nabire district.

The police found a fuel tanker truck which was later discovered to belong to the transportation service company PT Lintas Pegunungan Papua. The police who got the information immediately took decisive action by checking the location. As a result, 2,070 liters of biodiesel were found, 7,065 liters of Pertalite were found, as well as hundreds of drums and jerry cans.

Thousands of fuel was then confiscated. In addition, the police also confiscated a number of other evidence in the form of four-wheeled vehicles whose tanks were suspected to have been modified to accommodate fuel from every gas station in Nabire district.

The four-wheeled vehicles included one unit of Kijang LGX with license plate PA 1422 KO, one Isuzu unit with plate number PA 1970 K, one Kijang unit with plate number PA 7483 KB, and one fuel tanker with plate number PA 8736 KB belonging to PT Lintas Pegunungan Papua, and a truck with a PA 8807 KC license plate.

From this arrest, the police also managed to secure a truck driver named Stevanus Armusia (26) and truck conductor Dean Bambulu (24). Both are employees of PT Lintas Pegunungan Papua. Meanwhile, another person named Nuri Wala (43), the owner of the illegal fuel storage warehouse, was also secured. It is known that Stevanus Armusia initially transported subsidized fuel from the Pertamina Nabire Depot.

The fuel should be delivered to Diesel Premium Agent (APMS) Mapia. However, Stevanus was ordered by someone named Frans to deliver the subsidized fuel to Nuri Wala’s warehouse.

“After filling up the fuel from the Pertamina Depot, Frans was ordered to deliver Pertalite subsidized fuel to Nuri Wala, who was in the Bumi Wonorejo village. The fuel was supposed to be delivered to the APMS Mapia District, Dogiyai Regency,” Stevanus said.

Not only that, in his confession, Stevanus conveyed that the delivery of subsidized fuel of the Pertalite type to Nuri Wala’s stockpile area had taken place 10 times. “I’ve taken fuel ten times to Nuri Wala’s place,” Stevenus said. From each of these deliveries, Stevanus admitted that he received a salary of Rp. 200,000.

Stevanus also admitted that the fuel was able to leave the transportation service company on the orders of the supervisor where he worked, named Glif Pomantow. Nabire Police Chief I Ketut Suarnaya has not yet confirmed the raid. Currently, the evidence and the perpetrators have been secured at the Nabire Police Station.

The police are still developing this case because it is suspected that there is an illegal fuel business in a number of APMS in the area.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Institute for Transportation Studies (Instran), Darmaningtyas, agreed with the policy of increasing the price of fuel oil (BBM) that the government has implemented since September 3, 2022.

Quoting oto. detik.com, Darmaningtyas said that fuel prices should be made expensive and there should be no uproar every time the government raises fuel prices.

In Papua alone, the price of fuel has penetrated Rp 100 thousand per liter. “Actually, to be honest, the price increase for Pertalite from Rp. 7,650 to Rp. 10,000 per liter, then the price of subsidized diesel from Rp. 5,150 to Rp. 6,800 per liter, and Pertamax from Rp. 12,500 to Rp. 14,500 per liter, only those from Java are making noise” Darmaningtyas said.

“People outside Java, especially those in Kalimantan, Maluku, Papua, and our brothers and sisters in the islands, paying for fuel prices above Rp. 10,000 – is normal. Even before there was a one-price fuel policy, our brothers and sisters in Papua can pay up to Rp 80,000 (-Rp 100,000) for one liter of gasoline.

In Java, people have been spoiled for too long with cheap fuel prices,” continued the man who is familiarly called Tyas. The government has implemented the ‘One Price of Oil Fuel’ program in a number of regions to eliminate the disparity in fuel prices between regions.

This program started on January 1, 2017. Especially for the price of fuel in Papua, which once reached Rp. 100 thousand per liter, now there has been a change. Quoting Pertamina’s official website, the current price of fuel in Papua is not much different from the price of fuel in Java. Pertamax, for example, is sold at Rp. 14,850 per liter, then the price of Pertalite is Rp. 10,000 per liter, and the price of Solar is Rp. 6,800 per liter.

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