GETTING TO KNOW the 16th Papua Peparnas

The 16th Papua Peparnas is a proving ground for people with disabilities.

The National Paralympics Week (Peparnas) is a competition event for athletes with disabilities that resemble the National Sports Week (PON) in Indonesia. Peparnas is an event that finds talent in the world of disabled sports who are able to excel, be independent and economically prosperous.

The Papua Peparnas will enter its 16th implementation. If the 20th Papua PON is going to be held on 2-15 October 2021,then the 16th Papua Peparnas will beheld a month after the PON, that is on 2-15 November 2021.

The implementation of the 16th Papua Peparnas is centered in two different cities, namely Jayapura City and Jayapura Regency. The two venues will each offer a venue of competition in 6 sports. As reported by, so far two scenarios have been prepared by the 2021 Peparnas Grand Committee to minimize the risk of Covid 19 transmission.

GETTING TO KNOW the 16th Papua Peparnas

First is the implementation of a health protocol system in all lines. Athletes and contingents who will be present in Jayapura Papua should already be vaccinated in their area of origin. Upon arrival in Jayapura, further examination will be carried out. Meanwhile, the second scenario applies to a digital technology system. This system was adopted from the Tokyo Olympics and Tokyo Paralympics.All athletes with disabilities and contingents will use an ID card that has been arranged and shows a Population Identification Number (NIK) without exception. The goal is to simplify the tracking system for people entering and leaving Papua.

In its implementation, the 16th Papua National Paralympics Grand Committee (PB Peparnas) will also be assisted by the Central National Paralympics Committee (NPC) by sending a team of surveyors to ensure the accessibility of hotels in Jayapura City and Jayapura Regency. The survey results show that there are 24 hotels that are recommended to support the implementation of the 2021 Peparnas. In its implementation, the rooms needed are estimated to reach 2,200 units to support the smooth running of activities. The recommendations that have been made are not about the star rating or level of the hotel, but more on the availability of accessibility for athletes with disabilities who will compete.

Urgent matters related to accommodation for athletes with disabilities should ensure appropriate accessibility, starting from the availability of facilities such as lifts, inclined plane or ramps,and toilets that can be accessed by athletes with all types of disabilities. The availability of such access is indeed one of the prerequisites for the host. The re-port on the preparation of PB Peparnas shows that Peparnas in Papua is not much different from the Peparnas in Bandung in 2016, especially in terms of regional geography. For example, thereare hotels close to the mountain. How-ever, 80% are still accessible and appropriate.

The 16th Papua Peparnas will in volve 12 sports, namely weight lifting, athletics, boccia, badminton, chess, judo,shooting, archery, swimming, CP football, wheelchair court tennis, and table tennis. In detail, Jayapura City will host the sports for table tennis, badminton,chess, judo, CP football, and wheel chair tennis. Meanwhile, Jayapura Regency is the organizer for athletics, shooting, archery, swimming, boccia, and weightlifting.

Based on information from, the 16thPapua Peparnas will involve 740 officials, 12 venues (according to the number of sports), and 1,985 athletes. The difference between PON and Peparnas lies in the class division and technical competition, where athletes are grouped based on their physical conditions.

Previously, Peparnas was called the National Disability Sports Week (Porcanas), but the word ‘disability’was later on replaced with the word ‘paralympics’ in line with developments in the Indonesian Disability Sports Development Agency (BPOC) organization.

Papua as a host is planned to prepare 250 athletes in Peparnas. Papua NPC chairman Jaya Kusuma, as reported by (17/6/2021), said that geared up Papuan athletes will participate in all competitions of the 12 sports.The training preparation for the Papuan athletes are centered in various cities, including in Palembang for swimming, Balikpapan for weight lifting, and wheel chair tennis in Jakarta and several other cities on the island of Java.

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