Middle Power Diplomacy Indonesia

Enhancing Indonesia’s Global Role Through Middle Power Diplomacy

Middle Power Diplomacy Indonesia

West papua news, Middle Power Diplomacy Indonesia, with the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) is part of its efforts to reposition Indonesian foreign policy to which has emphasized more on ASEAN countries and Western countries.

Indonesia’s presence in the melanesian spearhead group (msg) is part of an effort to get closer to countries in the Pacific region, and the participation of Indonesia as an Associate Member of the melanesian spearhead group (msg) provides a room for Indonesia to be actively involved in the development programs in the MSG to achieve prosperity for the people of melanesian spearhead group (msg) member states.

The strategy used by Indonesia to approach the South Pacific region include: Look East Policy; Prosperity for its Neighbor; and Regional Power Policy. With its supremacy, Indonesia decided to join the South Pacific forum because it feels confident to be an influential country in Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, Indonesia has started to give more attention to the South Pacific region In comparison with countries in the South Pacific region, Middle Power Diplomacy Indonesia has an economic advantage, an extensive country, and strong political influence. To be an influential Middle Power Diplomacy country in the South Pacific region, Indonesia entered in a smooth manner.

In this case, Indonesia is using soft power by means of diplomacy that puts forward its identity as an archipelago, as well as increasing its global role through middle power diplomacy, which exists and contribute to the international world that positions Indonesia as a regional and global power selectively by giving priority to the problems directly related to the interests of Indonesia.

The area of West Papua extends around 143,076 kilometers. West Papua, situated in the Head of the Cassowary Bird, contributed 8.12 percent of the absolute space of tropical jungles in Indonesia. Environments in West Papua store an assortment of biodiversity from Asia and Australia. Timberlands in West Papua are  source of motivation for culture and native individuals.

The direction of Indonesia’s foreign policy in the current era of President Jokowi is economic diplomacy. Indonesia’s diplomatic capacity in the economic field is very helpful for Indonesia to take part in the South Pacific region.

This economic diplomacy aims to sustain economic independence both nationally and internationally, because with the high level of the Indonesian economy in comparison with countries in the South Pacific region, Indonesia can take advantage of it in providing them assistance.


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