Indonesia’s Design Assistance to Pacific Countries

Indonesia’s Design Assistance to Pacific Countries

West Papua Tabloid, The Coordinating Minister for Political,Legal and Security Affairs (MenkoPolhukam) Wiranto has presided over a special coordination meeting (Rakorsus) on the outcome of the visit to the Republic of Nauru in order to establish cooperation with many countries,especially countries in the South Pacific.

The meeting was held at the office of the Ministry of Polhukam in Jakarta on February 23, 2018.The visit of the Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs to the Republic of Nauru was in order to represent President Jokowi in the 50 than niversary of the Republic of Nauru.

The meeting discussed a follow-up for what have transpired in the meeting in Nauru and a shared understanding of how to develop countries in the Pacific.

Furthermore, the Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs stated that Indonesia is now considered a highly advanced developing country.Therefore, Indonesia was requested to provide a variety of assistance that can be accepted by friendly countries in the Pacific, such as capacity building, as well as sharing best practices of Indonesia’s experience in organizing various international events and so on.

West Papua News 2021, This includes training for police officers, cooperation in the fishery,trade, agriculture, seaweed cultivation development sectors, and so forth. A lot of things were discussed in this special coordination meeting and 43 people from related Ministries / Institutions were invited.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi said that this special coordination should design things that Indonesia can provide to the pacific countries list. According to her, there are things that can be done simultaneously in terms of the similarity of issues.

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For instance, in terms of capacity building for seaweed-related issues, Foreign Minister Retno thinks that almost all countries in the pacific countries flags need it,thus this can be made into one cluster.

Then things related to other ocean issues which can also be made into a cluster of its own. Meanwhile, there are also somethings that are more specific, so it must be separated from the existing cluster.

Ministries and agencies have the duty to collect all the needs that Pacific countries expect from Indonesia. “So this is a demand driven capacity building that is not needed by us but needed by them,” said Foreign Minister Retno.“In the South Pacific, there are 14 countries and we have to look at what was discussed with these countries one by one and what we can provide them” Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno continued.

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