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Integration of Infrastructure in Papua Island

To address the Nawacita Agenda of President Joko Widodo, the Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing (PUPR) has drafted the Ultimate Plan of Papua Island in 2025 as a form of PUPR Ministry’s support in developing Papua Island.

In relation, the Cipta Karya programis to build 7 (seven) units of Drinking Water Supply Lines (SPAM), 5 (five) Final Processing units (TPA), Sludge Processing Installation and 2 (two) Sewerage Channel units. In this case, the role and support of Cipta Karya is focused on improving the quality of life of the people of Papua Island.

While the Water Resources program is planned to build each dam and reservoir unit, the construction of 9 (nine) Irrigation Area units at each location and pond development in one location, construction of Maybrat dam, Wariori dam and Tambraw Reservoir in West Papua Province and development of Gali Efata reservoir in Papua Province is done.

In this case, the role and support of Water Resources is focused on increasing food security for the people of Papua Island For the Bina Marga program, until 2025, it plans to build a number of national roads such as: Raja Ampat Ring road of 10 km; Bintuni Bay road segment of 17 km; Sorong – Makbon – Mega – Sausa for Saukorem – Arfu – Mega; Yetti – Ubrub

Oksibil road of 238.5 km; Tiom – Mulia road of 66.6 km; Depapre – Lonkrang road of 6 km; Trans Jaya Wamena -Elelim – Jayapura road of 115 km; and the construction of the Holtekam bridge. In this case, the role and support of Bina Marga is focused on improving the connectivity of Papua Island.

For the housing sector, special houses of 1,020 units will be built in the remote areas and also special houses in Boven Digoel regency. In this case, the role and support of Cipta Karya is focused on improving the environment of the outskirts of Papua Island.

Integration of Infrastructure in Papua Island

To support the development of border areas, construction of special border houses is planned in Jayapura City,Keerom Regency, Pegunungan Bintang Regency, Boven Digoel Regency, Merauke Regency, and on outer islands as well as plans to handle 11 strategic roads namely Nabire-Wagete- Enarotali, Jayapura-Nimbrokang-Sarmi, Serui-Menawi-Saubeba, Timika-Mapurujaya-Pomako,Jayapura-Wamena-Mulia, Merauke-TanahMerah-Waropko, and Hamadi-Holtekamp-Skouw (border with Papua New Guinea).

Availability of Non-PUPR. infrastructure in Papua Island, namely;Arar harbor and Sorong harbor; Manokwari regional ports, Bintuni Bay and South Manokwari; two harbor ports at WondamaBay; Kaimana collection port; Bintuni Bay collection port; the regional collection port of Nabire; Pomako collection port;Sarmi regency collection port; the main international port of Jayapura; the main international port of Merauke; seaports,regional ports, national ports in Biak Numfor District.Next is infrastructure in the form of tertiary scale collection airport of Sorong (Domine Edward Osok airport); tertiary scale collection airport of Rendani,Manokwari; South Manokwari feeder airport and Bintuni Bay; airports in Wondama Bay; Kaimana feeder airport;Fak-fak and Bintuni Bay feeder airports; Nabire tertiary scale collection airport;airport feeder in Nabire District, 2 airports in Deiyai, 1 airport in Dogiyai, and 2 airports in Paniai.

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Tertiary scale collection airport in Mimika Regency; feeder airport in Puncak Regency; 2 airports in Puncak Jaya Regency; 2 airports in Tolikara District;Lanny Jaya County airport; the airport of Central Mamberamo Regency; tertiarys calecollection airport in Jayawijaya Regency; Jayapura secondary-scale collection airport; 3 feeder airports in Pegunungan Bintang Regency; 2 feeder airports in Merauke; secondary feeder airport in Merauke; and Frans Kaisepo airport in Biak Numfor regency.

Next is the Type B Terminal of Sorong City, Type C Terminals respectively in Sorong, Maybrat, Tambraw, Manokwari and Manokwari Selatan, and BintuniBay; Kaimana District Terminal; Terminal crossing and Type B Terminals in Bintuni Bay and Fak-Fak Regencies, Type CTerminal in Jayawijaya Regency; Terminal Crossing and 3 terminals of Type C in Sarmi, Jayapura and Jayapura regencies;Type C Terminal in Merauke, and Type B Terminal in Biak Numfor regency.