Izak Samuel Ongge a Papua n Youth State Servant Achiever

Izak Samuel Ongge is a young Papuan native who has numerous achievements and a myriad of talents. He has a jovial and hospitable character.

Izak Samuel Ongge a Papua n Youth State Servant Achiever

He graduated from the International Relations University of Cenderawasih Jayapura and is a civil servant at the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri)with the rank of Junior Superintendent Tk. I (III/b). He is only 29 years old. Since childhood, he has dreamed of developing Papua through his education and talents.

As quoted from jpnn.com, Izak, his nickname,is a young person who has great dreams. Before joining the work force, he saw the need to hone his skills by participating in various international conferences. One of them was at the International Conference on Management,Economics and Social Science in Seoul, South Korea.

At that time, Izak was also a master’s degree student at Korea Yeungnam University majoring in Saemaul and International Development. His last achievement was winning the Korean Language Speech Contest which was held on October 15, 2021 at Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul (PSPS) Yeungnam University. Izak managed to become the champion after eliminating 14 other participants who were students from other countries in the Asia Africa region.

Izak said that young Papuans need to take part in various training and mentoring at the international level to increase and polish their knowledge in all fields . The goal is to be able to compete and advance the region. Izak was once the 1st place Winner of the Papua Province Radio Star of 2009 and even advanced to the national level. Izak was also included in the 2019 top 10 Exemplary Employees in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

For Izak, his current position is a responsibility as a young Papuan to develop Papua. With the main tasks and functions in his work, Izak learns many things on how to build good cooperation with various stakeholders, both at home and abroad.

According to Izak, every opportunity is very important for Papuan youths.Therefore, he invites Papua’s younger generation not to be afraid to compete and to do networking with everyone.

Never Crossed the Mind

After going through a long process, Izak is very grateful because he can become one of the Papuan youths who can have a career in the central government. Asa Papuan child, Izak said that it was unthinkable before to become a government employee (ASN) in the Central Government (Kemendagri). He also has high hopes of taking advantage of all the momentum he has obtained in various aspects to advance his beloved land of Papua.“Praise God, I am very grateful because I have gone through a long struggle and process. It never even occurred to me before that I could be one of the Papuan youths who work at the central government, coupled with the current position that handles foreign cooperation, in line with the major I have taken during college, namely International Relations,”he said, as reported by jpnn.com.

He also reaffirmed his commitment to help build a better Papua. “I take care of the cooperation between local governments in Indonesia with foreign governments. Therefore, I always try to invite local governments in Papua and West Papua to cooperate with local governments abroad. Through this collaboration, there will be several benefits that will be obtained in various aspects to advance the beloved land of Papua.

”Some of his achievements include being the 1st place Winner of the Jayapura Radio Star of 2009 and advancing to the national level; being a Papuan Representative at the 2010 National Student Art Week for the Pop Solo category in Pontianak; being the 1st place Winner of the Solo Competition at the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2017; being included 2019 Top 10 (Ten) Exemplary Employees in the Ministry of Home Affairs; and being one of the performers at the Flag Lowering Ceremony on August 17, 2020 with Gita Bumi Voice featuring Naura, Raisa and RAN.