JAYAPURA HISTORY: Center of Expansion for Other Regencies

Jayapura History, is the capital city of Papua Province and is located in the easternmost part of Indonesia. The Royal Dutch Infantry Captain F.J.P Sachse founded the city on March 7, 1910. Jayapura city was formerly known as Hollandia and became a district city from 1910 to 1962.

JAYAPURA HISTORY Center of Expansion for Other Regencies

After the Dutch handed Irian Jaya(the name of Papua at that time) to the UNTEA (United Nations Temporary Executive Authority), the name of the city was changed to Kota Baru. The name did not last long because it was changed to Soekarnopura.

Finally, the name was changed to Jayapura and is applied up till now. The name Jayapura refers to one of the cities in Rajasthan, India, which is the City of Jaipur that literally means the city of victory.

Usually, visitors who come to Jayapura bring their own food from the city because it is very difficult to find natives who open their own restaurant business in Jayapura.Moreover, the prices of some goods in Jayapura are also generally more expensive than other cities in Papua.

Center of Expansion for Other Regencies

As reported by the website www.papua.go.id, Jayapura Regency together with 8 (eight) other Autonomous Regencies (Biak Numfor, Manokwari, Sorong, FakFak, Merauke, Jayawijaya, Paniai and Yapen Waropen Regencies) were formed based on Law 12/1969 concerning the Establishment of the Autonomous Province of West Irian and Autonomous Regencies in the Province of West Irian.

Based on the law, Jayapura Regency covers 6 (six) Head of Government areas, namely the Head of the local governments of Jayapura, Nimboran, Mamberamo,Keerom, Sarmi, and Dafonsoro with the regional government center located in Jayapura.

In 1993, based on Law 6/1993, the Jayapura Regency was expanded into 2(two) regencies/municipalities, namely Jayapura Regency (Main Regency) and Jayapura Municipality. Thus,the Capital of Jayapura Regency was moved to Sentani based on Government Regulation No. 15/2000 relating to the Transfer of the Capital of Jayapura Regency from the Jayapura Municipal Area to the Sentani Region,exactly on March 10, 2010.

The history of the designation of Sentani city as the capital of Jayapura Regency started here making March 10 as the anniversary of Sentani City.

Until mid June 2001, the capital of Jayapura Regency began to shift from the shoreline of Yos Sudarso Bay in the Jayapura Municipality area to the Sentani area, precisely on Mount Paniau under the foot of Mount Cycloops, to become the central office of the Jayapura Regency Government.

Coinciding with the inauguration of Jayapura Regent Abel Melkias Suwae and Deputy Regent of Tunggul TH Simbolon for the period 20012006 on October 12, 2001, the Jayapura Regency Government office was inaugurated by the Governor of Papua Province at that time, Yaap Salossa.

Furthermore, in 2002, based on Law 26/2002 concerning the Establishment of Regencies in Papua Province,the Jayapura Regency was further expanded into 3 (three) Regencies,namely Jayapura Regency (Main Regency), Sarmi Regency, and Keerom Regency. After this expansion, Jayapura Regency had 11 (eleven) Districts.

In 2003, the expansion of the district was carried out based on the Jayapura Regency Regulation Number 12/2003 concerning the Establishment of Ebungfauw District, Waibu District,Namblong District, Yapsi District and Airu District. Thus, the number of Districts in the Jayapura Regency area became 16 Districts.

In 2005, the expansion of districts was again carried out based on Regional Regulation no. 2/2006 regarding the Establishment of Raveni Rara District, Gresi Selatan District, and Yokari District. So administratively, the area of Jayapura Regency has increased from 16 districts to 19 districts.

In 2007,the expansion of villages was done making the number of villages that previously numbered 127 villages to 137 villages through Jayapura Regency Regulation No. 2/2007 concerning the Establishment of the villages of Benggwin Progo, Aib, Hyansip, Sumbe, Hanggaiy Hamonge, Nandalzi,Bundru, Doromena, Bambar, and Yahim.

In 2009, the expansion of villages was again carried out based on the Jayapura Regency Regulation Number 13/2009 concerning the Establishment of the villages of Kamikaro and Naira. Thus, Jayapura Regency currently consists of 19 (nineteen) Districts, 5 (five) urban villages, and 139(one hundred and thirty nine) villages.

In the 20th Papua PON 2021, of the four organizing city/regency clusters,both Jayapura Regency and Jayapura City are both the regional clusters fort he PON implementation, in addition to Merauke and Mimika.



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