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The Boost Economy Kaimana Regency Builds A Number of Roads and Docks

Kaimana Regency Government in recent years continues to pursue road construction to open isolation that hampers the economic improvement of the society. Currently, there are two roads that are being boosted for development, namely LABobo-Wangatnauw-Jarato road and Avona-Yamor road segment.

Head of the Public Works and People’s Housing of Kaimana Regency, Ir. Nicolaas E Kuahaty, said that the policy of road construction in opening isolation is intended to reduce the high poverty rate in Kaimana regency.

BPS data show that 37% of the poor are in the villages, and only 5% live in urban areas. The Kaimana Regency Government is consistent in implementing its policy of opening isolated areas considering the high rate of poverty, one of which is caused by the difficult access to various available facilities. People living in the village spend more on transportation.


With the opening of accessibility in the form of road construction in two points of the economic growth sector, the current income of the community from agriculture and plantation becomes better than before.

In the future, with increasing access roads built, it is expected to have a positive impact for the economic progress of the community, especially for those who live in the mountains which is difficult to reach.

In the field of sea transportation, Kaimana regency has Eman dock located in Lobo village and has been in operation since 2014. Kaimana Regency is still building five other permanent docks.

Kaimana regency government has set at least six points that serve as the center of economic growth of the community. At every point of growth, permanent docks and other basic infrastructures are needed to help launch community activities in bringing their produce to the city’s markets.

Permanent docks will be built in the growth center areas in Bayeda village for the Arguni Bay district, in Warifi village for the districts of Etna and Yamor, in Tairi village for Buruway district, and in Mandiwa village for the lower Arguni district and in Adi Jaya village for Buruway district, which are targeted for completion by 2020.

The construction of these ports is part of a series of developments undertaken by Kaimana Regency to create a new, prosperous, just, safe, dignified and sustainable Kaimana.

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