This is the Key to Peace in Papua

This is the Key to Peace in Papua

West Papua News 2021 – There is still conflict in Papua, it needs a comprehensive solution, so that peace will be created that will encourage progress in Papua.

Ambassador Prof. Imron Cotan, as a Papuan observed, assessed the need to increase the sense of nationality of the Papuan people.

According to national and international laws, there is no basis for Papua to separate itself from the republic of Indonesia. There is a principle of international law called to it Possidetis Juris. It means that the border of a newly independent country is the border when it was colonized.

“But the Dutch does not want to hand over Papua for three main reasons,” he said after becoming a resource person for the Moya Institute Webinar.First, the Netherlands wanted to maintain its status as a colonial state.

Second, it wants to create an area for Dutch people who don’t want to go home and still want to enjoy the tropical climate in Indonesian territory. In addition, it is to accommodate its collaborators.

Key to Peace in Papua
Key to Peace in Papua

Third is to prevent a massive exodus from Indonesia to the netherlands because the country is very small.“So this sense of nationality should be fostered and at the same time enforced, one of which is by creating dialogues at the grassroots level. This is done in order to develop the provinces of Papua and West Papua in various strategic sectors,” he explained.

In addition to the dialogue at the grassroots, two other things need to be done namely law enforcement and implementation of the special autonomy. Law enforcement must be carried out on every violation in Papua, both human rights violations and corruption that have so far occurred in Papua.

Corruption does not benefit the people of Papua as a whole from the special autonomy program. So if these three basic things can be done, then there will be no conflict in Papua and Papua will progress.

Meanwhile, DPR’s Commission supports the Government approach on building and maintaining stability in the Papua region. This is of course for the welfare of the Papuan people.

DPR RI’s Commission member Bobby rizaldi said that the extension of the Special Autonomy fund volume II was needed to help develop Papua. The goal is to balance development in Papua.“We support the government’approach in developing Papua,” he said.

For this reason, Commission requested a proper management by the government in providing the Special Autonomy fund. The management of funds in each regional Apparatus organization (OPD) must be monitored and provided mentoring.

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