Kofiau Island is the smallest and least visited island among the major islands of Raja Ampat, a place for the most beautiful coral diversity in the world. The island is composed of limestone, coral reefs, and some volcanic hills covered by dense rain forests, all offering a wealth of nature and beautiful scenery.

Here we can swim and sun bathe on the beach, snorkel, dive and do underwater photography on coral reefs rich in marine resources. Be careful not to damage coral reefs anywhere in this area,exploration, climbing, or beach combing.

We better go on an adventure to the inland lake across Deer Village, if we’re lucky, somewhere along the way, we can see the enchanting Red Bird dance or see the slick Python Kofiau tree or catch the noise of passing Horn bills, or hears creams from yellow-crested cockatoos.

On the southwest side of Kofiau Proper is a group of flat sandy islands,including Walo, where several famous divesites are waiting for our exploration.

Enchantment of Sauwandarek Tourism Village

Sauwandarek Tourism Village is located in the western part of Waisai,the capital of Raja Ampat regency,West Papua province. This village is partof Meos Mansar district.

The houses in this tourist village, with 46 families or about 179 residents, have the original leaf roof.In this village, women, especially mothers, produce hats and bags made from sea pandan leaves.

The village is famous for its beautiful corals. In addition,there is a salty lake commonly called Telaga Yenauwyau, which is located behind the village.

To go to Sauwandarek Tourism Village, in Meos Mansar, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, air and land transportation should be utilized. It iseasier to fly to Sorong first.


There are several flights to and from Sorong. For sea transportation, ships that transit in Sorong Port are the Dorolonda,Labobar, Mount Dempo, Sinabung and Tatamailau. From Sorong, the journey canbe continued by motorcycle from Sorong Fishery Harbor to Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat district. From Waisai, the journey continues by using a rented longboat to Sauwandarek and it takes about two hours

This village is very prominent with the Cenderawasih bird, which is an icon for Papua. Four Cenderawasih species are maintained in this village, Burung Merah Bahagia, Burung Cendrawasih Bukit, Burung Cendrawasih, and Burung BesarSurga.

In this village, restaurants and foods talls are not available, so it is advisable to prepare food supplies that are purchasa blein Waisai or Sorong. However, if you want to find a menu with more variety of food,you should buy in the city of Sorong. Birds usually perform dance attractions in the morning or evening, and avoid coming in between December and February because birds lay their eggs during this period.

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