Imfote Lake or commonly called Lake Love is a lake that looks like a heart. Many people also call it Telaga Cinta. The stretch of beautiful green meadows can pamper the eyes all the way to the lake.

Telaga Cinta has also been given the 2019 Indonesian Pesona Anugerah (API) award which was received by the Deputy Regent of Jayapura. Lake Love became the 2nd place winner for the category of the Most Popular New Destinations. In fact, this lake isalso included in 18 categories, with the addition of two prestigious titles that are the Favorite Champion and the 2019 API Awards General Champion.

Quoted from, Imfote Lake is located in Ebungfau District, Jayapura Regency. Local residents do call it Imfote Lake based on the name of the place. The beautiful heart shaped lake can be clearly seen from the hills around it. From the top of the hill, this is also the best spot to take photos with the lake in the background. The green hills that surround the lake further add to the beauty and romantic impression.Therefore, the hill and lakeside have recently been widely used as a place to take prewedding photos despite their remote location.

Lake Love Its Beauty Beats the Daytime Heat

Frequented by visitors almost everyday, especially on weekends, Lake Love or Telaga Cinta can be accessed by land and water transportation.The land route by motorbike or car can start from the city of Jayapura via Genyem District in Jayapura Regency or from Arso District in Keerom Regency.

The water route can be reached by boat or speedboat from Yahim Harbor behind Sentani Airport to Kawiport in Putaly village, before climbing the hill or riding a motorbike or car along the highway that has already been built there.

The road to Lake Love or Telaga Cinta by land starts from Yoka village, towards Puay village through a road that winds up and down.On the right is the blue expanse of Lake Sentani with sago palms on its banks. On the left is the dense forest of Abepura. Only the path to the lake is a natural path.

About 5 kilo meters from Lake Loveor Telaga Cinta there is another tourist attraction called the Jaipuri River, the only current that channels Lake Sentani’s water into the Tami River before being dumped into the sea. Jaipuri also offers lodging to tourists. It takes about an hour and a half from the river to reach Lake Love on a hot weekend, where most of the visitors are young motorcyclists who fill the lakeside and take pictures with cameras or selfie with friends.

The beauty of the Lake of Love beats the heat of the day. There are no huts or buildings around them apart from the tall wooden frame of a cross installed during Easter. Such crosses can be found along the village road of Hansambe, the last settlement before reaching the barren hill near Imfote. The beauty of Lake Love is supported by the vastness of Lake Sentani and the height of Mount Cyclop,which serves as a source of water for residents of the Regency and City of Jayapura. It is located at a high altitude visible from the air. Meanwhile, the field is a treeless area with strong winds and the scorching sun forces tourists to put on sunblock or wear wide brimmed hats.