West Papua Facts on the Crime and Violence oF PAPuAS KKB

Long list of Papuan Violence

West Papua News 2021 – The number of acts of violence in the provinces of Papua and West Papua continues to increase. The case-in-volved indigenous Papuans, migrant communities, security forces, and the Armed Criminal Group (KKB).

Quoting from data compiled by the Papuan Task Force of Gadjah Mada university (GTP-uGM) and the Center for Capacity Development and Cooperation (PPKK) of Fisipol UGM, the number of acts of violence in Papua from 2010 to August 2020 reached 211 cases.

From these cases, the total number of victims reached 1,876 people with 359 people dead. The details are 253 civilians, 26 members of the KKB, 46 members of the TNI and 34 members of the police, while the number of injured people reached 1,517 accounting 1,351 civilians, 87 members of the police, 41 members of the KKB, and 38 members of the Indonesian national Army (TNI). The number fluctuates every year with the highest number of victims in 2017, which reached 635 people.

The data also explains that the perpetrators of violence are mostly the KKB spread across several areas in Papua. KKB is the perpetrator in 120 cases, 46 cases of civilian residents, 17 cases of unknown persons, 15 cases of TNI, and 13 cases of police.

The motives for acts of violence in Papua vary, but most of them are dominated by the motives of the separatist movement, which is 64%, while the rests were due to political motives, revenge, and socioeconomic problems. However, the national human rights commission (Komnas HAM) also not-ed that there have been complaints of excessive violence by security forces over the past five years.

Through out2019 alone, the number reached 154 complaints or double the previous year. In 2020, there were 46 cases of violence. The Indonesian national Police (Polri) recorded at least 46 cases of violence perpetrated by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Papua through out2020.

“In 2020, there have been 46 cases of violence perpetrated by the KKB,” said the head of the Public Information Bureau (Karopenmas) of the Public relations Division of the national Police, Brigadier General (Pol) Awi Setiyono at the Criminal Investigation unit, South Jakarta, in September 2020.

Of this total, Brigadier General Pol. Awi detailed that nine people died, five civilians, two members of the TNI, and two members of the national Police.“The victims who suffered injuries were 23 people, 10 civilians, 7 members of the TNI, and 6 members of the Police respectively,” added Awi.

In the records of pacemace.co, there are at least several records of violence in Papua that had shocked the public in 2020.First is the shooting of three employees of PT. Freeport Indonesia by the KKB in Kuala Kencana on March 30,2020.

This incident even killed a new Zealand citizen, Graeme Weal (57) and injured jibril Bahar (49), and ucok Simanungkalit (52). Second is the exchange of fire between the TNI and Polri with the KKB which killed three members of the Mamberamo raya regency Police,Sunday (12/04).

Third is the incident that killed two civilians in Timika, EdenArmando (20), and roni Wandik (23)last Monday, April 13, 2020.Fourth is the killing of one of the staff of the General Election Commission(KPU) of yahukimo regency on Au-gust 11 last year.

The victim was killed after being intercepted and asked for his ID card by an unknown person. This number is still increasing following the shooting of two motorcycle taxi drivers in Sugapa District, Intanjaya, September 13, 2020, and the shootings of laode Anas (33) and Fatur rahman (23) which occurred in the same location, namely in Mamba village when both finished transporting passengers.

Victim laode was shot at 11.15 WIT with a gunshot wound below the navel and a cut above the forehead, while Fatur was shot at 11.20 WIT with a gun shot wound to his right arm. Four days later, on Thursday, September 17, 2020, a motorcycle taxi driver, Ahmad Badawi (49) and a member of the TNI, Sahlan became victims of the KKB in Sugapa District, Intan jaya regency.

Badawi was shot and slashed with a sharp weapon until he bled to death.on the same day, head Sergeant Sahlan who was carrying logistics also be-came a victim of a KKB bullet. Stop the Violence Previously, in mid-April 2020, the Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko regretted the occurrence of cases of violence in Papua, especially at this time when the handling Covid-19is being processed. “In the midst of handling the Covid-19 outbreak, it’unfortunate that an incident occurred causing civilian casualties,” said Moeldoko at the Presidential Palace Complex in Jakarta.

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