West Papua: 3 Stage Of The Middle Term Development Secrets

The Ultimate Guide To 3 Stage Of The Middle Term Development West Papua

Middle Term Development west papua

West Papua – Entering the third stage of the middle term development (2017-2022), the development of West Papua province is prioritized on realizing West Papua’s competitiveness, which is to possess human resources and an economy that are able to adapt to internal and external changes to achieve success in improving welfare and a better future by remaining open to national, regional and global competition.

The ability to be competitive is the key to achieving progress as well as independence, so that disorder coming from within and outside the region can be mitigated by economic resilience.

At this stage, the development and improvement of human resources and regional economy are expected to be at a more advanced level, that is to start developing and raising standards to make it closer to external conditions, thus expected to be certainly competitive outside West Papua News 2021.

  • West Papua’s development targets and policies in this period are focused on;
  • Creation and strengthening of political,
  • security and defense systems;
  • Fulfilling and managing the needs of basic food stuffs and protein food sources;
  • Developing food patterns and
  • value-added increase in agriculture to improve farmer’s prosperity.

Policies related to public needs,namely;

  • Fulfilling transportation infrastructure needs to open access to the whole region;
  • Fulfilling public utility and facility needs; and
  • Fulfilling public service infrastructure and facility needs.

In the field of government, the policy focus priority of West Papua Provincial Government is;

  • Increased Local Regional Revenue (PAD)
  • Developing competence and professionalism of the government apparatus
  • Implementing a governance system according to the principles of good governance
  • Fulfilling the formal legal requirements of government; Completing a government structure in accordance with the specific needs of the region; and Increasing the magnitude and growth rate of GRDP.

While the policy focus relating to the economy is in the form of;

  1. Improving regional economy based on comparative advantage and competitive advantage;
  2. Increasing economic cooperation; and
  3. Increasing the growth and competitiveness of community business units.

In the field of community related to the Human Development Index (HDI) value, the policy adopted by the West Papua Provincial Government is;

  • Increasing the degree of community education;
  • Increasing public health status;Poverty reduction in urban and village areas;
  • Fulfillment of housing and housing supporting infrastructure;
  • Guidance and supervision of people with Social Welfare Problems; as well as Fostering faith,devotion, and culture of the community based on local wisdom.

Additional policy focuses prioritized by the West Papua Provincial Government in the 3rd Stage of the Middle-Term Development are;

  • Application of system and economic regulation in favor of the community;
  • Designing and application of a community-based legal system;
  • Development priorities for the poor and communities living in remote and isolated areas;
  • Utilization of renewable natural resources;
  • Management utilization of non renewable natural resource;
  • Preservation and maintenance of Water Resources;
  • Increase in value-added utilization of natural resources;
  • Development of natural resources;
  • Conservation-based spatial planning, utilization and control;
  • as well as Preserving and protecting cultural diversity from negative cultural acculturation.


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