Notes on papuan infrastructure development and policy in the era of President Jokowi

Indonesia consists of 34 provinces and Papua is the largest province. Unfortunately, since Indonesia’s independence, there has been a gap between economic life in West papua and Papua and other islands such as Java and Sumatra. To overcome this, the government is aggressively developing Papua in terms of infrastructure. These projects are expected to advance Papua.

Notes on papuan infrastructure development

Papua is the easternmost region in Indonesia. Although it is at the periphery, the government is also aggressively developing West papua and Papua. Jokowi’s seriousness in building Papua is no joke.

At least,during his first term as president, Jokowi visited the Land of Cenderawasih 12 times. While in his second term until now, Jokowi has also repeatedly visited Papua.

This step is to ensure that the acceleration of development is carried out according to the programs made.As quoted from, the infrastructure developments carried out by Jokowi during his presidency or for the past seven years are as follows:

1. Construction of the Trans Papua road with a total length of 3,462 km. Until August 2021, from the total length, 3,446 km of roads have currently been penetrated, with 1,733 km of asphalt, 1,712 km of unpaved roads and 16 km of un penetrated roads

2. Access to the 20th Pon. There are eight sports facilities including the international standard Papua bangkit Stadium

3. Youtefa bridge (formerly Holte kamp).

4. Implementation of “one Fuel Price”.

5. East Palapa ring optical Fiber.

6. Creating the Papua Youth Creative Hub or “Silicon valley” in the Land of Cendrawasih.

7. recruitment of 1,000 native Papuans to join State owned Enterprises (Bumn).

8. Sota Cross border Post (PLBN) in merauke regency, Papua.

9. Airport There are 10 Airports currently in process and construction of six Airports in Papua Province has been completed, namely Ewer Airports, Kepi Airport, Ilaga Airport, oksibil Airports nabire baru Airports and mopah Airports. meanwhile, there are four Airports in West Papua Province, namely rendani manokwari Airports, Waisai rajaAmpat Airports, Wasior baru Airport, and Siboru Fak fak new Airports.

10. TNI LB Moerdani General Hospital, margamulya District, merauke. regency.

11. Construction of border roads in Papua with a total length of 1,098 km. of the total, 931 km have been penetrated with 756 km of asphalt.

12. Yetetkun Cross border Post (PLBN) with a target completion date of April 2022.

13. To support the development of human resource capacity, 179 schools and religious schools and one state university (PTN) were built.

14. Completed the rehabilitation/reconstruction of Wouma market in Wamena in 2020 with a budget of Rp 2.1 billion and 403 shop houses in post social conflict Wamena with a budget of Rp 138.6 billion.

15. Conducted an auction for the construction of the Thumburuni market in Fakfak, West Papua, which will begin construction in early August 2021.16. In the sea transportation sector, an umber of ports were built, namely, Depapre Port, nabire Port, Pomako Port,moor Port, and Serui Port in Papua Province and Kaimana Port in West Papua Province.

According to President Jokowi, if the infrastructure is good, roads and ports will be good. As a result, the Papuan economy will grow faster because there will bean increase in the distribution of logistics for goods and people.

Papuans who are truly conscious and able to observe these facts and reality should be attentive and perceive that what the current government is doing is actually an extraordinary point of achievement, which may not necessarily be repeated in the next government.We as a nation, especially the indigenous Papuans, should sincerely thank President Jokowi and all his staff. Thank you mr. Jokowi