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6 Secret Techniques To Improve West Papua Exports Mineral Fuel

The export value of West Papua province in October 2017 was recorded at USD 155.96 million, and Mineral Fuel is the class of good accounting for the largest export value of USD 153.2 million or 98.25% of West Papua’s total exports.

Next came:

  • Fish and Shrimp which reached USD 0.42 million or about 0.27%;
  • Meat and Processed Fish at USD 0.33 million or about 0.21%;
  • Wood and timber products at USD 0.11 million or about 0.07%;
  • Post packages, parcels and returned items at USD 0.001 million or about 0.0006%.
  • Then coffee, tea, and spices worth USD 0.0004 million or about 0.0003%,
  • Soap and cleansing solutions at USD 0.0004 million or about 0.0003% and
  • other classes at USD 1.86 million or about 1.19%.


West Papua’s largest export value recorded in September 2017 was to China amounting to USD 96.03 million, followed by exports to Japan amounting to USD 20.31 million and to South Korea amounting to USD 3.94 million. West Papua’s total export contribution to these three countries was 90.10%.

Most of West Papua’s largest exports until October 2017 only passed through 7 (seven) ports,

  • namely Bintuni port with avalue of USD 153.23 million or 98.25% of West Papua’s total export value.
  • Followed by Manokwari port with an export value of USD 1.84 million (1.18%);
  • Tanjung Perak port with an export value of USD 0.73 million (0.47%);
  • Ngurah Ra International Airport amounting to USD 0.13 million (0.08%),
  • Hasanuddin Airport with an export value of USD 0.001 million(0.0003%),
  • Soekarno-Hatta International Airport with an export value of USD 0.0001 million (0, 0001%), as well as through other ports with export values of USD 0.02 million (0.01%).

Meanwhile, West Papua’s import value until October 2017 was only USD 0.001 million in the form of electrical equipment, machinery, optical devices, books and printed materials, and jewelry / gems.

The largest recorded country suppliers of imported goods to West Papua until October 2017 were China, followed by Singapore, and other countries.

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