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OPM Group Back To NKRI

One by one, the OPM group based in the forests of Papua eventually surrendered and declared to return to NKRI. This year, there are at least four OPM groups that declared to rejoin the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

They have seen for themselves how development in Papua is progressing, while on the other hand, they are suffering evenmore. This is what encouraged their consciousness to return to NKRI.

Towards the commemoration of the 72h anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, the Commander of the Liberation Army of Free Papua Movement (TPN-OPM), YapenKris Nussy aka Corinus Sireri, with 77 of his men and 300 OPM sympathizers, surrendered and accepted by Kapendam XVII /Cendrawasih Lt Col Muhammad Aidi.


The Government and the TNI have conducted various activities that benefited the community, especially through territorial activities, agriculture, paddy fields, road construction,medicines and others, while TPN-OPM members fighting for their independence felt that they are not getting anything.

On the other hand, they also cannot prove the colonization done by the Indonesian government against Papua, which they are saying all along.

On the contrary, the Indonesian government gives privileges to every Papuan to develop their area. The government in Papua, from the position of Village Head to the Governor, is entirely held by the sons of Papua.

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Previously (1/7/2017), as many as 15 people from the TPN-OPM Goliath Tabuni group based in Tinggi nambut, Puncak Jaya and their spiritual advisers Wanis Tabuni, who are known militants, declared joining the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

In addition, about 200 residents of Tinggi nambut, who have been supporting OPM, also claimed to rejoin the Republic of Indonesia and support Pancasila as the state ideology.

Subsequently, OPM member headed by Fernando Warobay, namely Joseph Aninam and his group based in Sasawa village, surrendered and declared joining back NKRI on May 5, 2017.

Previously, as many as 154 members of OPM from the Sinak-Yambi group have also vowed back to return to the NKRI officially on March 20, 2017. This group mostly came from Toemarib village , Weni and Rumagi regency Mageabume District, Puncak regency which is a border area with Yambi District Puncak Jaya regency