West papua 2021 – As Chair of the Fellowship of Churches in Papua, we partner with other religions in Papua. We partner with FKUB (Religious Communication Forum). I am Pastor METUSALEH P.A. MAURY is a member of FKUB. Regarding the security conflict in Papua, we already have a lot of data, it’s just a matter of how we act. We’ve been praying. All religions and people pray for peace in the Land of Papua.

In 2002, we declared Papua Land of Peace. That’s been since 2002. If this can be maintained until now, that’s extraordinary, and not impossible.

Seeing the conflict in Papua, everyone is concerned. All brothers and sisters throughout Indonesia are concerned about Papua, because we are one nation, one country, and God’s word says so: if one of us feels sick, the others will also get sick.

The history of Papua was distorted by the Dutch and the Free Papua Organization (OPM). Regarding conflict, who is in conflict? Who with whom? Because of what? There must be an issue. Then the security conflict, meaning that security in Papua is not comfortable, is disturbed.

Ketua Persekutuan Gereja Gereja di Papua 1
Ketua Persekutuan Gereja Gereja di Papua 1

We all know there are separatists and various groups. To deal with the separatists, the TNI and Polri must be. They go down to a place to protect and secure the community, from the grassroots to leaders in the government bureaucracy. The Indonesian National Police have provided extraordinary assistance to maintain security in Papua. We are proud to have them and to be present in Papua.

In terms of religious leaders, we don’t have a word: soldiers and police are not allowed to come. If anyone has that understanding, then the separatists will come. If the separatists come, we all perish.

What is the solution to the Papua conflict? There are three big things. Namely, let’s sit down with the Papuans, let’s have a dialogue with the Papuans, and approach religious peace. Let’s take an inventory of the issues. How many issues do you receive about Papua? Inventory issues, and resolve them. If we just hit the chromo, then we don’t know what really happened.

I can point out seven issues: politics, economy, Otsus, health, education, infrastructure, and Freeport. This is an issue that must be inventoried. After that, next we have to properly and correctly record the issue makers. So that we get it right on target. This is a solution. Let’s find a solution that is sourced and rooted in a conscience that loves the land of Papua and loves the people of Papua. Don’t just love the land. Also, love the civilization of the Papuan people and our civilization as children of the archipelago, children of the nation together. So we have to sit down with the Papuans, have a dialogue with the Papuans, and discuss all the problems.


A solution can be found if all parties agree to have a conscience. It’s time to speak from the heart. President Jokowi gave the opportunity in 2017, when the leaders met, they were given the opportunity to sit together, but the realization was not possible because at that time our brother who was given the mandate to carry out this, Paternelis, died. So it can’t be continued to sit together.

Now there’s a chance. The President and all our brothers and sisters, also those who are opposite to us, we invite to sit down together. We guarantee. I am very grateful to God, two months ago, the TNI Commander and the National Police Chief came to Papua in Jayapura and invited me along with four religious leaders. The TNI Commander and the National Police Chief guarantee that, as long as you want it, our brothers and sisters give them the opportunity to bring down the rebels, let’s join and invite them to sit down together.

Ladies and gentlemen at the center, in Jakarta, invite us to sit together. If you sit together, you will talk together. If we talk together, we will pray together. If all pray together, there will be peace together. If there is peace together, then the security conflict in the Land of Papua can be resolved. This is guaranteed by God’s Word, Corinthians 13:11, which reads: “Finally, brethren, rejoice. Strive to be perfect, comfort one another, be of the same mind, and live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.”

Sitting and talking together will be a solution for Papua. It is better to walk alone in the right direction, than to walk with many people in the wrong direction. We minimize big problems. Small problems we solve and we forget. All religious leaders from various circles must participate in providing solutions for the peace of Papua. (Excerpted from the Moya Institute Webinar with the topic of security conflicts in Papua and its solutions, 23 July 2021).

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