Papua is part of the unitary State of the republic of Indonesia

Papua is part of the unitary State of the republic of Indonesia, There is no Problem in International law

West Papua News 2001 – Intelligence and national security observer Stepi Anriani view the conflict in Papua as being carried out by a politically independent Papuan movement.

They assume that Papuans are not Malays and from black people.“Self-determination is the reason for the politically independent Papuan group. We are not Malay and from black skin.

In fact, President Soekarno criticized Ernest began saying that the nation has something in common and has a universal goal,” said Stepi Anrianiin a Webinar entitled Separatism and Terrorism in Papua held by the European Association for Indonesia, Saturday (19/6/2021).

According to him, Papua is part of the unitary state of the republic of Indonesia, and according to international law, there is no problem. In addition, young Indonesian diplomats at the un session pointed out that the government defends Papua because it has strong laws. “I am proud of Indonesia’s young diplomats who in the un General Assembly always give a very good right of response to countries that raise the Papua issue, especially that the issues raised are not based on existing facts.

He added that there was strong evidence that Papua was part of Indonesia from the new york Agreement on August 15, 1962 which was later strengthened in resolution no. 2504, which confirms that Papua is an integral part of the unitary State of the republic of Indonesia.The Indonesian government since its inception has also done its best to preserve Papua as part of the unitary republic of Indonesia.“Our government has been extraordinary since President Soekarno by moving the spirit of nationalism. President Soekarno explicitly stated that Indonesia couldn’t be independent if Papua was still part of the Netherlands and we had to reclaim it. Meanwhile, President Soeharto paid attention to Papua and carried out sociopolitical development and others.

President habibie was received by several figures, President Gus Dur gave recognition to Papuan local wisdom, President Megawati created autonomy President Susilo Bambang yudhoyono implemented special autonomy, and President joko Widodo carried out massive development in Papua,” He said.

According to Stepi, the government has so far focused on developingPapua, what is needed is strict supervision so that the budget issued Papua can be in accordance with the established development plan, which in turn will make the Papuan people prosper, both in Papua Province and in West Papua.

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