West papua news 2021 – The government has set an extension of the granting of special funds (otsus) for the provinces of Papua and West Papua for the next 20 years. The special autonomy fund budget also increased to 2.25 percent from the previous 2 percent from the General Allocation Fund (DAU).

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati estimates that the total special autonomy funds for the next 20 years will reach Rp234.6 trillion. This amount is estimated to increase by 3.02 percent of DAU per year based on the average development of the DAU ceiling over the last 9 years.

Evaluation of the implementation of the transfer of Otsus funds over the last 20 years, the Government assesses that the Papua and West Papua regions still need funds to develop various lags, including providing opportunities to encourage independent local governments. Since 20 years ago, basic needs were identified to encourage accelerated development directly to the right to support self-reliance.

The estimation of the special autonomy fund is twice as large as the special autonomy fund for the last 20 years, which is IDR 101.2 trillion. This funding also does not include funding from DTI and other Transfers to Regions and Villages (TKDD). In addition to spending from ministries/agencies for the development of Papua.

The addition of this special autonomy fund takes into account the large development costs in the Papua region. This is because the geographical condition of Papua has higher difficulties compared to other regions.

The provision of this special autonomy fund is a form of the government’s political will in accelerating development achievements in the Papua region. The increase in the special autonomy fund is to accelerate development by taking into account the financing needs of development in Papua.

The Special Autonomy Fund also demonstrates the Government’s commitment to developing Papua and West Papua. It is hoped that the extension of this special autonomy fund can meet the output needs of basic services to encourage accelerated development.

For this reason, Special Autonomy needs to be supported by improving governance to provide a multiplier effect on development achievements as targeted.

President Jokowi has provided a budget of Rp. 8.5 trillion for Papua Special Autonomy funds in the 2022 RAPBN. The amount of funds prepared is greater than Rp. 7.6 trillion. The government also plans a TKDD budget of IDR 770.4 trillion in the 2022 State Revenue and Expenditure Budget Draft (RAPBN).

The amount of the planned TKDD budget in 2022 has decreased by 3.1 percent compared to the realization of this year’s TKDD budget which is set at Rp 795.5 trillion. The TKDD expenditure budget consists of a regional budget of IDR 702.4 trillion and village funds of IDR 68 trillion.

Specifically for the regional budget, the value is further broken down into a balancing fund of Rp 673.7 trillion. The balancing fund consists of general transfer funds (DTU) of IDR 483.3 trillion and special transfer funds (DTK) of IDR 190.4 trillion. TKDD is focused on improving the quality of regional spending so that there is an acceleration in the improvement and distribution of welfare.

Continuing the policy of using DTU to improve the quality of local public infrastructure.The budget is also focused on economic recovery in the regions, developing human resources for education and increasing priority health spending

Also to increase the effectiveness of the use of DTK through the distribution of contract-based Physical DAK and Non-Physical DAK to encourage increased output and out-come. Support service quality improvement; continue to strengthen the synergies of budget planning through increased harmonization of ministry or agency expenditures and TKDD.

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