West Papua Indonesia – As a Papuan child, I see the Papua issue as very complex. It has not been completed since the reform era rolled around. People are not satisfied. Considering Otsus failed and so on. I think we play too much.

We are in one family, like we have many houses, many rooms in it. There are Papuan rooms, Aceh rooms, etc. Papua’s main problem is injustice. This is the main trigger that makes people dissatisfied. The purpose of Otsus is good, but why do the Papuans massively refuse? That means there’s a problem. Where is the problem? Honestly and transparently, it is necessary to find a way out together.

West Papua 2021- Honestly, when it comes to problems, look at the output. Many things need to be evaluated. There is a demand for the rectification of history. Pay attention to the West Papuan figures who are invited to formulate the Special Autonomy Law, they must be trustworthy figures. I harbored disappointment, still stuck. In my opinion, we are not dealing with Papua completely. Still alone. Not a line yet. For example, during the intensive development of Papua, a number of people came to meet the President and asked to build a palace in Papua. What is the urgency? Even though Papuans have doubts about their competence. I speak fairly.

The issue of Papua as an integral part of Indonesia, if there is an error, it must be corrected. Must coordinate with each other. I heard that every ministry has a Papua Desk. If so, each of them carried out a program that was not well coordinated. Overlap. The honest security approach still makes people doubt and the military approach is still being used. We must honestly admit.

When they spoke with the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (AMAN), they said that there was a Babinsa who lived in the villages. Some land is taken, for example oil palm land. Things like this will become a pebble in fixing the Papua problem. In my opinion, stop acting. We deal fairly and honestly. We present competent figures to solve this problem together. We have hundreds of tribes and languages. Bring them in discussing the Act. They will believe if given the trust to represent their respective traditional territories. Don’t just pick it up here and there and just because it’s close to Jakarta. Stop acting because the victims are the people of Papua. West Papua 2021

But if it is handled in this way, not well coordinated, and each of them makes their own additional movement, the Papua problem will not be solved. Instead, it will continue to be hot, and has the potential to make Papua more complicated.

The Jakarta version of Otsus should never be forced. No longer speak on behalf of Papuan figures, but those who raise it up are Jakarta figures. Let the people of Papua themselves choose who their characters are. This is so that indigenous Papuans choose their representatives. And the central government must be consistent so that all policies can be guarded.

The Special Autonomy Fund must be audited. Anyone who misuses the Special Autonomy Fund must be arrested and imprisoned. If it is a regent, the regent must be arrested and imprisoned. It must be so. So far, there never was. This is all a play.

In time, we must have a dream to become President of Indonesia. Papuans also have the opportunity to become President. The condition is one, provide education for Papuan children. Provide our human resources. (Excerpted from the Kompas TV webinar with the topic of Special Autonomy and Welfare of Indigenous Papuans, 13 August 2020).