West Papua 2021 – Papua can be studied from a defense and aviation point of view. The boundaries of our air country have not yet been stated in our Constitution. There have been three or four amendments, it is not a priority. There are already two or three working groups, also not included.

I began to relate and know Papua since 1973 – 1981, even in 1981 – 1991 I often flew to Papua by Hercules plane. Quite a lot of my friends in Papua. In 2016 – 2019 I was also at Freeport as a senior adviser. So I know Papua very well, and feel really close to the Papuan people.

What are the real obstacles to development in Papua? There is a lack of communication between the grassroots and the elite, both the elite in the regions and the elite at the central level. Due to this obstructed communication, the flow of communication does not go well. One of the reasons is because of the bureaucracy and its habits. Not only in the local government, but also in the central government.

How to overcome this? One of the ways to raise Papua to get good attention so that it can break through the communication barriers is to raise the dignity of the Papuan people and the Papuan region based on the advantages they have.

There are many advantages in Papua. Of the many advantages of Papua, there are two that stand out. First, the talent of football players. Second, geographically and aero strategically, Papua’s location provides great potential for the development of air and space.

For example, Biak is an ideal location for launching satellites. When I gave a presentation in Phoenix, Arizona, the headquarters of Freeport McMoran, I was asked how to make Freeport a friendly institution, because Freeport is considered the number one public enemy by the local community.

I answered simply. There are two things that can be done. First, the funds spent on the community need to be earmarked for opening a world-class football school in Papua. It’s very easy and there are lots of seeds in Papua. Must be good at it. In less than two or three years, Indonesia can win ASEAN. And it can grow a lot.

Yohanes Auri, a former Persipura player who was in the PSSI national team, until now has been building football in Manokwari. Until now I am still communicating with him regarding the development of football in Papua. And this talent has never received attention, even though this is Papua’s dignity to stand in the global theatre.

Second, apart from being a home base and cosmo drome, Biak has very good land to be developed into an air freight manufacture for aircraft of the N219 class. Papua has an extraordinary infrastructure for the flight of aircraft of the N219 class. At that time I already told friends in America. They are very interested when they get the opportunity to do so.

So, in short, I would like to suggest that if you want to pay attention to development in Papua, one thing that is very crucial is communication between grassroots and elites, whether local elites or the central government. In terms of funds, the amount is actually quite sufficient. Then, raise the dignity of Papua with the advantages it has. The human resources are extraordinary. We haven’t talked about athletics and other sports. Football first. If international professional football opened there, it wouldn’t be too expensive. If you want, it’s very easy, and very quickly can appear on the surface.

Regarding air freight manufactured, it can cooperate with PT Dirgantara Indonesia. The market is already open there. Those are the values ​​for efforts to develop the economy in Papua. So these are the things that we must raise together. (Excerpted from the statement by Marshal TNI (Ret.) Chappy Hakim in the Moya Institute Webinar with the theme: New York Agreement and Papua Development, on August 16, 2021).

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