Papuan Conflict Spans Decades

The Papuan Conflict Lasts for Decades is the Dutch Conspiracy

There have been decades of conflict in Papua and there is certainly a reason. Former Free Papua Movement (OPM) activist john norotouw explained that this conflict took place because of the Dutch legacy towards Papuans.

The Dutch, he said, gave a concept and promised the Papuan people freedom. Consequently, certain groups emerged who wanted to be independent because they were enticed by promises from the Dutch.

“The nation of Papua never existed. It’s just a Dutch conspiracy that did not want to hand over all its colonies to Indonesia. This Dutch maneuver has led to continuous conflict in Indonesia for the past 58 years, ” said john in a webinar with the theme” Peace and Peace in Papua, Thurs-day (1/7/2021).

He said that the land of Papua belongs 100 percent to Indonesia. The united nations (UN) has also recognized this, so that Indonesia’sovereignty over the Papua region is absolute. john added that the land of Papua is safer and more Indonesian. In Papua, there are Papuans and Indonesians from Sabang to Merauke. “

Papua will not be independent. The Papuan people are starting to develop in various fields. Papua is building based on its local wisdom. Therefore,no one should provoke Papuans to become independent and commit unlawful acts because this will only harm the Papuans themselves.

John norotouw regrets that there are Papuans and even non Papuans who have never lived in Papua and do not fully understand the situation in Papua, but later became provocateurs and speak on various occasions as if they represent Papuans, even though they do not have a mandate to represent the Papuan people.

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