Papuan Peoples Opinion PEPERA of 1969 Cannot be Revoked

Papuan People’s Opinion (PEPERA) of 1969 Cannot be Revoked

West papua – A group of people wants the Papuan People’s opinion (Pepera), which was held in Papua in 1969, to be revoked. It is impossible according to a professor at the university of Indonesia, Prof.hikmahanto juwana.

The reason for the request of cancellation of the Papuan People’s opinion is because the system implemented deviating from the agreement between Indonesia and the Netherlands in 1962.

Based onthe agreement, the Papuan People’s opinion was carried out on the basis of one man one vote, not a representation system. Therefore, they want the referendum to be repeated. This is an unfounded accusation because there is no mechanism to regulate one man one vote in the Papuan People’s opinion as regulated in the1962 new York Agreement.

Prof. hikMahanto JUWana s.h. ll.M Ph.d

In addition, one man one vote is not the only method in a referendum.“The implementation of the Papuan People’s opinion has been confirmed by the united nations General Assembly through resolution 2504 (XXIV).Even though there are accusations of irregularities, facts show that the General Assembly accepted the results of the Papuan People’s opinion,” said hikmahanto as published in (13/9/2019).

Moreover, at that time, no country was against it. This means that the international community has accepted the results of the Papuan People’s opinion.“It should be understood that in the perspective of international law there is no precedent where un General Assembly resolutions are annulled,” hikmahanto emphasized.

“Even if we look closely at the provisions in the united nations Charter or the statutes of the International Court of justice, there is no mechanism that regulates the assessment of legal products issued by organs within the united nations, including General Assembly resolutions,” hikmahanto continued.

However, the Government of Indonesia needs to be aware of the lobbying of a group of parties who are trying to question the resolution 2504 (XXIV) to the international community. The government is requested to remain solid in carrying out diplomacy in the inter-national arena on Papuan issues. “The government must of course pay close attention and take a stand on the various diplomatic steps taken by Benny Wenda, so that referendum in Papua can be done again,” concluded hikmahanto. (Source:

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