Papuans Support Security Force In Eradicating the Terrorist Separatist Group KST

Papuans Support Security Force In Eradicating the Terrorist Separatist Group (KST)

West Papua – The community fully supports the steps taken by security forces in maintaining security in the Papua region. Moreover, the TnI-Polri are conducting sweeping operations in locations that are considered as hiding places for Armed Criminal Group (KKB) or Terrorist Separatist Group (KST) in a number of areas in Papua and West Papua. A Papuan student living in Bali, Alfred jigibalom stated this.

The Papuan people have hated KKB members because the group has often spread terror, carried out looting, raped, and burned houses in Cendrawasih land.

“The head of Information for the joint regional Defense Command (Kogab wilhan) III stated that the combined TnI-Polri forces had carried out a sweeping on locations evaluated as hiding places for the KKB or KST in a number of areas in Papua,“he explained. Those who are members of the KKB must be prosecuted so that searches and sweeps will continue. So far, KKB fighters have often spread misleading hoaxes. The KKB continues to spread false information. This proves that they are indeed in a position of urgency and are surrounded by the joint TnI and Polri forces.

The Deputy Chief of the Indonesian national Police Komjen Gatot Eddy Pramono said the same thing. His forces have mapped four districts in Papua that are considered prone to violence by the Armed Criminal Group(KKB).

The four districts are, Intan jaya, Mimika, Puncak, and nduga. Several groups in each district have also mapped these four districts.“Throughout 2021, the police recorded at least 26 cases of attacks, shootings, and gunfights carried out by the KKB in the four regencies. Of these 26 incidents, a number of people died and were injured.

Currently, 31 members of the KKB have been prosecuted,” he explained. Previously, a Papuan activist in Manado Tadeus Wenda considered that the separatist movement would only undermine the integrity of the unitary State of the republic of Indonesia.

Papuan students in north Sulawesi emphatically reject any separatist action. He appealed to Papuan students who are studying in north Sulawesi not to be aggravated by issues of provocation being intensified by irresponsible elements.“We hope that Papuan students in north Sulawesi together with other elements of society will continue to support the Government’s program of welfare for the people,” he explained.

The attack carried out by the KKB is a serious threat to the sovereignty of the unitary State of the republic of Indonesia and the development pro-gram in Papua. This year Papua will be the host of the national Sports Week (Pon), do not let the KKB get in the way who likes to incite chaos

Papuans Support Security Force

long live of Violence in Papua

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