West Papuas Armed criminal separatist Group as terrorist

Government Declares Papua’s Armed Criminal Separatist Group as Terrorist

West papua 2021 – The government labeled the Papua’s Armed Criminal separatist Group (KKB) as terrorist. The decision also applies to movements and individuals affiliated with groups that are troubling, creating chaos that kills people and pose a threat to the integrity of the unitary republic of Indonesia. The Minis-ter of Political, legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfudz MD conveyed this. According to him, the Chairpersons of the MPR, BIN, Polri,TNI, Papuan community and customary leaders themselves have also conveyed this statement. In line with all of that, the government considers that organizations and people in Papua who commit massive violence are categorized as terrorists,” he explained.

The labeling of West Papua’s KKB as terrorist is based on the provisions of law number 5 of 2018. A terrorist is any one who plans, mobilizes, and organizes terrorism. Meanwhile, terrorism is any act that uses violence or threats of violence that creates an atmosphere of terror or widespread fear, which can cause mass casualties or cause dam-age or destruction to strategic vital objects, to the environment, public facilities, or international facilities with ideological, political, and security motives. “Based on law number 5 of 2018,what the organization and people affiliated with it are doing is a terrorist act,” he explained.

on the basis of this labeling, Mahfudz asked the security forces, the TNI-Polri to take firm action against West Papua’s KKB. The government’s problem solving action in Papua is the people’s welfare, not the issue of independence. “The government has asked the Police, TNI, BIN, and related officials to take immediate, decisive and measurable actions according to the law. Meaning, it should not target civilians,” he said Coordinating Minister for Political, legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD first assigned the terrorist label to the Papua’s Armed criminal separatist (KKB) after the death of the head of the Papua regional BIn Brigadier General I Gusti Putu Danny, who wasshot by the Papua’s Armed criminal separatist(KKB) in Puncak regency,Papua, sometime ago. This label was criticized by the national Commission on human rights (Komnas HAM) because it could have consequences for law enforcement as it could possibly involve innocent civilians.