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Papua is like a Latent Pearl

President Jokowi: Papua Since becoming the number one person in this archipelago, President Joko Widodo
continues to develop Papua and West Papua. For him, these two provinces are very special. But unfortunately, Papua’s abundant natural wealth is like a latent pearl. There are many challenges in Papua and West Papua such as economic disparity to development inequality.

The main issue in Papua and West Papua is isolation, which makes these two provinces difficult to develop. For that reason, President Jokowi continues to work to boosts infrastructure development, especially transportation, to realize connectivity in Papua and West Papua.

President Jokowi wrote that infrastructure development to facilitate inter-regional, inter-district, and inter-regional
connectivity is key to mobilizing the economy and equitable development in Papua and West Papua.

“Papua and West Papua have the advantage of abundance of natural wealth, mining,agriculture, forestry,marine, agriculture.Complete,”President Jokowi in his Facebook account (21/7/2017).

In his Facebook account, President Jokowi also showcased photographs of airports in Papua and West Papua that have stood majestic and beautiful as their construction continue to be sped up. In Papua, there are Nop Goliat Dekai, Wamena, Mopah, and Domine Eduard Osok Airports. While in West Papua, there is the Utarom Kaiman Airport.

Papua is like a Latent Pearl

The existence of airports in Papua and West Papua is very strategic, and President Jokowi hopes that this can overcome the isolation and then be able to curb the prices of goods, especially basic foods so that the people of Papua and West Papua can increase their welfare.

To all ministers in his Working Cabinet, President Jokowi cautioned that the implementation of national strategic projects and priority programs in Papua and West Papua could be accelerated for the realization of connectivity.

“Connectivity is necessary for these two provinces, not just to open isolated areas but also to reduce logistics costs, and improve the competitiveness of local products. Thus, Papuans and West Papuans can immediately feel the real benefits of development, “wrote President Jokowi.

Especially in West Papua, President Jokowi requested to accelerate the construction of ports in Sorong, Bintuni and Kaimana and the development of the ferry docks in Wasior and Folley and the development of several airports.

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