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Indonesia Prioritize Development for West Papua

The issue on Papua, west papua is not a new one but has existed for quite some time since the era of President Soeharto, the reform era, and the era of President SBY and until now.

Efforts made by the government were also numerous, including the agencies which were formed and oneof them is the P4B. But all of the efforts made by the government did not go smoothly until the issuance of the Law on Regional Autonomy and Special Autonomy for Papua.

Today, President Jokowi does not want to create too many agencies in order to overcome problems and implement development in Papua, west papua, because it is impractical and wasteful.

To overcome the problems and implement development in Papua, west papua,  it is enough to use the existing agencies in government as each Ministry / Institution already has various programs and implementation of these programs are then coordinated by Bappenas.

Related to Papua’s development, the concept of Bappenas is the ‘ Holistic Development of Papua, west papua ‘. Therefore, the entire programs of Ministries / Institution smust be coordinated in alignment with the concept.

However, due to various limitations, Bappenas cannot coordinate and supervise the implementation of all the programs of the Ministries / Institutions intended for Papua, therefore coordination and supervision is handed over to the Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs.

Indonesia Prioritize Development for West Papua

In this connection, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs has established a ‘desk’ whichis responsible for coordinating and supervising the implementation of programs of the Ministries / Institutions in Papua, west papua, but limited to only six areas:education, health, community economy, resolution of human rights abuses, and diplomacy issues.

This ‘desk’ coordinates and oversees the implementation of programs of the Ministries / Institutions in order to avoid overlapping and conflict, even within programs between the Ministries/ Institutions it self and with Local Government programs. In this case, the desk is tasked to synchronize all programs.

Considering current developments,another field was added to the task of supervision and coordination of the ‘Desk’, which is Polkam Intel.

It is important as there are many hoaxes and false news that are currently distorting actual facts. And this can only be countered through intelligence in cooperation with a Cyber Team handling social media.

Polkam Intel

To counter these, as well as negative unconfirmed news, the Desk team of the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs conducted a socialization of the program and the implementation of the development that the government has and will do in the community.

Another effort is to share real news or facts and answer existing unconfirmed news so that people know the actual facts and news.

With the existence of Medsos today,then efforts to disrupt the situation made by irresponsible parties can be done easily,quickly and cheaply.

On the other hand,offenders are not easily detected because everyone can buy a SIM card any where and anytime.

Today, with only Rp 100 thousand, people can already buy a SIM Card and internet quota and can create chaos through the social media.

What is sometimes delivered in social media is false news or hoaxes. Therefore,in this case, we also actively conduc monitoring, especially in the coming elections where the possibility of friction is very high.

This can happen any where in Indonesia, but this can be blown up if it happens in Papua, west papua daily.  We need to look at this and the Polkam Intel is here to monitor the possibility of false news, hoax, or distortion of facts, not only related to Papua, west papua,  but also with other regions in Indonesia.

If such news is found, then we will search the source and then catch the offender, and do clarification.In addition, we also have a team of Social Media Inter-governmental Social Media (SIMAN) utilizing gadgets. In this case, we provide briefing and knowledge to civil servants on what to do when getting false or hoax news, and ways on countering the news and share the real news.

We provide training and knowledge so that civil servants are not easily affected or deceived with negative news or lies in the social media.

Education, Key to West Papua Development

In the field of education, the government has a boarding school construction program. Currently, there are 5 (five) schools being built, but only 3 schools are functioning well, each located in Jayapura, Nabire and Merauke.

Previously, this school has not been maximized but with the help of training from the Ministry of Education and Culture and other related parties, this school was able to function well and now serves as a pilot school.

If the program succeeds properly, it will build more boarding schools in the different areas of Papua, west papua culture.

This is the target of the current government, and in this case, the government coordinates with local government, educational institutions, and networks handling the field of education.

In addition, the government also has an educational network with Indonesian diaspora abroad. There are many educational professors a broad who come from Indonesia, and they pay high attention to education in Indonesia, especially in Papua.

Furthermore, training is also conducted at the BLKI for students who discontinue their studies to a higher education. In the BLKI, they are given training so they can be ready for work or business

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