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Provincial Government Supports Superior Products to Compete in the Global Market

West Papua has potential and a variety of superior products that can compete in the global market. The Secretary of Papua Province, Hery Dosinaen explained that the province is active in supporting five newly developed primary commodities in various regions in Papua.

“Actually, these quality products have long existed and have become provisions on a daily basis.  For instance, sago and coconut and chocolate or cocoa and coffee commodities including rubber and oil palm. Superior products have become the government’s focus, “he said in Abepura as quoted from

According to him, superior commodities have existed ever since and developed continuously at present, such as efforts in expanding its area and managing it properly.


He exemplifies experiencing failure in cocoa planting years ago. As a result, he added that production increase will be encouraged.“Mamberamo Tami region has cocoa and coconut commodities, while some areas in Dogiyai have coffee that were planted since the time of the Dutch, and Merauke has palm oil and rubber commodities,” he Head of the Plantation Department Office of Papua Province, John D. Nahumury, explained that his side continues to encourage farmers and stakeholders in the area so that cocoa production, which was once a primadonna in the 1990 s, can regain back its glory.

“Apparently, in its development, we want to get inputs and objectives fromthe drawbacks of plantation commodities in Papua. Moreover, there should be an effort to increase farmers’ income with production, besides sharing with regency/ municipality and what breakthrough should be done,” he said.

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