Religious Harmony Index 2021: Papua and West Papua in the Top Rank

Religious Harmony Index 2021 Papua and West Papua in the Top Rank

In 2021, Papua Province and West Papua Province were ranked second and fourth respectively in the Religious Harmony Index (KUB) Value released by the Indonesian Ministry of Religion. Compared to 2017 and 2019, this position indeed decreased because West Papua became the province with the highest KUB index two years ago.

However, the current position of the two provinces in the eastern tip of Indonesia is clearly relatively good. Nationally, KUB 2021 is also in a good category. Its value is at the national average of 72.39, up 4.93 points from the previous year.

According to the Expert Staff of the Minister of Religion, Mahmud Syaltout, when reading the Minister of Religion’s speech for the Launching of the Religious Harmony Index in Solo in December 2021, the KUB Index not only looks at the success of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, but the most important thing is mapping the problem, predicting the problem, and detecting the problem since the KUB index is built from several variables, namely tolerance, cooperation, and equality.

The equality variable, for example, means that every citizen has the same right as a regional head or has the right to express his beliefs in the public sphere in the province. The KUB index is a good early warning and monitoring system because it can see the mindset and attitudes of the Indonesian people. The KUB index is the best inventory and the result of the findings needs to be followed up. Meanwhile, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin during his visit to West Papua at the end of 2021 appreciated the steps taken by the Governor of West Papua and his staff who have shown their commitment in realizing inter-religious harmony and inter-community harmony with the government. One of the commitments of the Governor of West Papua is evident from the construction of mosques and educational institutions.

West Papua MUI chairman Ahmad Nausrau also reported that the commitment given by the ranks of the West Papua Provincial Government to inter-religious harmony in this province was felt and had a good impact on people’s daily social lives. According to Ahmad, the West Papua Provincial Government gives extraordinary attention and concern to all religions in West Papua Province, including Islamic organizations, religious institutions in West Papua. Everything is given equally and fairly.

The Head of Research and Development of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia Achmad Gunaryo said that the KUB Index is a way to show the face of tolerance through a portrait of harmony in Indonesia. So, the KUB index is expected to show its best face. According to Gunaryo, the condition of religious life in Indonesia is very dynamic. This is one of the great potentials in diversity. Therefore, efforts are needed to increase the values of tolerance and harmony.

The KUB Index is a policy research dissemination space in the form of mapping the condition of religious harmony in Indonesia. In addition, this research also captures the actual dynamics of religion as well as looking for a solution formula for better religious policies. The KUB index is a way to show the face of tolerance through a portrait of harmony in Indonesia. The launching of the KUB Index is also of strategic value as part of the solution. Therefore, the concept of religious moderation and strengthening the condition of religious harmony is the right choice.

Religious harmony, as an important part of national harmony, is a joint task of religious communities, local government, central government, academics, including civil society. Therefore, to fulfill the KUB, it is necessary to cooperate with various parties to realize these noble ideals. In addition, Papua and West Papua can be the best examples for other provinces in matters of religious harmony.

The Head of the Research and Development Center for Religious Guidance and Religious Services at the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia who is also in charge of the 2021 KUB Index research, Muhammad Adlin Sila, said that on the dimension of tolerance, this survey found that 36 percent of Indonesians objected if adherents of a different religion built their places of worship even though they had obtained permission from the government. Then, 25 percent of Indonesians are reluctant to live next door to other religions. In addition, 34 percent of Indonesians are reluctant if people from different religions celebrate their religious holidays. Moreover, 29 percent of parents in Indonesia do not allow their children to play with friends of different religions.

If reversed, this means that the tolerance rate of the Indonesian people towards esteem and respect for other religions is in a greater and higher position. Basically, the Indonesian people are tolerant, tepo seliro, and uphold differences. From the existing rankings, the lessons of tolerance and respect can be obtained from Papua and West Papua, in addition to NTT, which this year is the highest. The KUB Index is the initial capital for the government to welcome the 2022 Year of Tolerance.

Here are the 10 Provinces with the Best KUB Index:

1. East Nusa Tenggara 81.07
2. Papua 80.20
3. North Sulawesi 78.35
4. West Papua 78.63
5. Bali 77.95
6. West Kalimantan 77.61
7. Maluku 76.30
8. Central Kalimantan 76.20
9. Riau Islands 76.20
10. D.I. Yogyakarta 76.03