The development of road infrastructure in Papua is an effort to improve connectivity, open isolated areas, and reduce the price of goods, especially in mountainous areas. However, in its implementation, especially the construction of the Trans Papua Road, both in Papua and West Papua, a number of factors are constrained by a number of factors such as natural conditions which are still in the form of forests, mountains, and weather.

Not only that, the biggest obstacle in the development process in Papua is security. Security constraints hampered the operation of the work, which was expected to be completed in one year, could not be realized. Several cases occurred during the construction process, such as shootings carried out by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in several mountainous areas of Papua.

The news from on December 2, 2019 stated that the action caused three points of road work along a length of 3 kilometers to be stopped. The work in question is the construction of the Wamena Road (Jayawijaya Regency) to Mbua (Nduga Regency), then from Dekai (Yahukimo Regency) to Kenyam (Nduga Regency), and from Ilaga to Sinak (Peak Jaya Regency). In addition, there was an attack on seven PT Modern workers in Agenggeng Village on March 15, 2016. As a result of the attack, four workers were killed.

The culmination of the KKB atrocities was the massacre of 31 employees of the state-owned company PT. Istaka Karya in Yigi District, Nduga Regency. Sadistically, the Armed Separatist Group killed the helpless workers.

The security disturbances that have resulted in delays in infrastructure development in Papua have been responded to by the central government by increasing the number of security personnel consisting of the TNI and Polri. The main priority for the addition of security personnel is to ensure that the situation and conditions in Papua remain conducive and the implementation of infrastructure development goes well.

The increasing atrocities of armed separatist groups in Papua by killing many people randomly have made the Indonesian Government through the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs designate several armed groups to the terrorist list. In addition, the Government also sent the Nemangkawi Task Force consisting of a combination of TNI and Polri soldiers to continue to hunt down members of the Separatist Terrorist Group. , especially those on people’s search lists.

The head of the Nemangkawi Public Relations Task Force, Kombes Pol. Iqbal Alqudussy, stated that from 12 May to 12 June 2021, the task force managed to arrest 15 members of the Separatist Terrorist Group.

This achievement is very good because the position of KST is getting more pressing. One of their headquarters in Puncak Regency has been invaded, and will be followed by a search for the next headquarters. Therefore, the Nemangkawi Task Force has been extended its term of office. The community agrees with the security approach taken by the TNI and Polri to pursue the KST group which has been troubling for carrying out terror on Cenderawasih Earth. This is all done so that the situation in Papua is more secure.

To support the Nemangkawi Task Force, 400 TNI soldiers from the 315th/Garuda Infantry Battalion were dispatched to Papua, on June 12, 2021. The goal is to help secure the Earth of Cendrawasih, especially in the Merauke, Asmat, and Mimika regencies.

Although the three areas are not as vulnerable as in Puncak Regency, the presence of soldiers is still expected, because KST works in a guerilla way, so there is a possibility that they will suddenly attack in Mimika or other areas. The safety of the people is more important, therefore the soldiers work hard for the safety of the civilians.

The presence of TNI troops in Papua is welcomed because the community understands that the presence of security personnel will create a safe atmosphere without any attacks from armed separatist groups. In addition, the community also feels comfortable because the current situation on Earth of Cenderawasih is progressing, thanks to the special autonomy program that builds various infrastructures and advances the intellectual progress of the people in Papua.

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