SENTANI LAKE IN PAPUA Has 22 Islands, Used for Freshwater Fish

SENTANI LAKE IN PAPUA Has 22 Islands Used for Freshwater Fish

West Papua Tabloid – One of the extraordinary beauties that God created in Papua is Lake Sentani. This lake presents a beautiful backdrop of the Cyclops Mountain tothe north and green trees. Lake Sentani also is unique with the existence of 22 islands spread across Lake Sentani.

As quoted from, one of the well known islands is Asei Island which provides Papuan handicrafts,such as beautifully patterned bark cloths. On this island, we can buy Papuan handicrafts. Some of them are Noken, Papuan bags that have gone worldwide, souvenirs of tree barks with various motifs, Papuan batik, t-shirts with Papuan motif, and others.

In the past, Lake Sentani was a training ground for seaplane landings. In 1944,the lake was taken over by the US Army from Japan. General McArthur, one of the World War II legends from America, also lived on Lake Sentani.

Lake Sentani is very rich in natural resources. Various species of fresh water fish exist in this lake. Some of them are endemic species of Sentani. A side from showing natural diversity, this lake in Jayapura also has a beautiful hill called the Tele tubbies Hill.

Those who visit this place will not miss the beauty of the sunset, a moment that many tourists are waiting for.Tourists who visit this lake can also enjoy the beauty of the hill by going up to the MacArthur Monument and view the panoramic green trees from the top of the hill.


Aside from its natural charm, Lake Sentani is also wealthy with other history. Through its research in the waters of the western part of Lake Sentani in Doyo Lama Village, Waibu District, Jayapura Regency, the Papua Archeology Center had discovered the pillars of a prehistoric house several years ago.

Tourists can go around the 22 islands scattered around the lake by using tour boats that are rented to enjoy the exotic scenery of Lake Sentani. Tourists can also swim, fish, dive, water ski, and do culinary tours in the lake area.

Due to the size of Lake Sentani, you can see the various islands from the air. Lake Sentani is the largest lake in Papua. This 9,360 hectare lake stretches between Jayapura City and Jayapura Regency and is located at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level. The area of Lake Sentani itself is about 50 km from downtown Jayapura.

History of Sentani

In reference to the tourist website, the word“Sentani” was first mentioned by Pastor BL Bin in 1898 and means,“here we live in peace”. Lake Sentani is a volcanic lake. Lake Sentani’s water sources come from 14 large and small rivers with one river mouth, namely Jaifuri Puay. The bottom of the waters of Lake Sentani consists of a sandy mud (humus) substrate.

The waters of Lake Sentani have different depths with an average depth of about 24.5 m. In the western region,namely Doyo Lama and Boroway, the depth is very steep. In the east and center, namely Puay and Simporo, the depth is gentle and shallow. Pandanus and sago plants grow in the shallow water areas. There is also a swamp forest ecosystem in the Simporo and Yoka areas.

Lake Sentani has a wealth of diverse marine life. The surrounding community has also used it for freshwater fish cultivation. There are about 30 species of freshwater fish that subsist in the waters of Lake Sentani. Among them are 4 species which are the Lake Sentani cork fish, Sentani rainbow fish, red rainbow fish, and saws harks. Around Lake Sentani, there are at least 24 villages inhabited by many local residents and tribes.