Inspirational Stories of Papuan and West Papuan Youth who are ready to build their hometown


West papua news – Simon Tabuni is a young Papuan figure who is an inspiration to the younger generation of the nation’s successors. Because of his hard work, unyielding spirit and persistence, he managed to qualify as an LPDP scholarship recipient. At first, Simon was skeptical about his English skills. However, Simon continued to hone and train him by participating in English competitions.

At the beginning of the English competition, he always failed. However, that failure motivated him to study English even more. His hard work paid off, the young man from Manokwari succeeded in pursuing further studies at the School of Oriental and African Study (SOAS), University of London.

Launching the LPDP Instagram page, Saturday (26/6/2021) Simon Tabuni is one of the recipients of an LPDP scholarship who studies at the University of London. Simon never stops working hard and improving his knowledge. Not only has a strong desire to continue his studies, Simon is also determined to advance Papua.

Back to Build Papua and West Papua

After graduating from college in England, Simon devoted himself to the people of Papua by forming a youth community called Papua Inspiration. Through the Community, Simon initiates various programs. Among them: Lift Mama Papua, which is an entrepreneurial movement to raise the economy of Papuan mamas who are in the interior (especially the Arfak mountains). In empowering Papuan mamas, Simon uses social media @anggi_mart and encourages the manufacture of processed products. “We help by opening a broad marketing through social media and encouraging the manufacture of processed products,” he explained.

Simon also established the Papuan Children’s Creativity and Innovative Facilitation (Fastra) which is a form of his concern and concern for the progress of Papuan youth. Fastra is a movement that seeks to detect and facilitate young Papuan talents. Through this movement, we encourage our potential including hobbies or pleasures to be transformed into economic value and create jobs.

In the environmental field, Simon also established the Revitalization of Parks and Its Functions (Remang) program, which is a movement to reactivate or revitalize city parks, so that they are in accordance with their functions. He said that the park, which had been functioning as a mere recreation area, would later be integrated with the development or empowerment of a small economy that would be driven by the community around the city park.

For all his contributions to building Papua, Simon received an Inspirational Youth Leader award at the West Papua Innovation Award event in 2020. Simon also hopes that by what he does, more and more young Papuan generations will be inspired and motivated to have a positive impact on the land of Papua and West Papua.

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