West Papua 2021 – Papua and West Papua are rich with maritime potential and cultural traditions. Snap Mor is a fishing tradition that is usually done in Biak, Papua. The people there do interesting activities that involve men and women together. The maritime tradition has been preserved by the community and has also been carried out during the Biak Munara Wampasi Festival. See the details below.

Process Snap Mor

West papua news – Snap Mor is a fishing tradition known in Biak, Papua. “SnapMor” literally comes from two words that have similar meanings. In the Biak local language, “snap” means “rock or stone”. It’s like spending small stones in a river, stream, canal, or beach.

While “mor” is defined as a pile of coral that is deliberately put together. They are usually round in shape and vary in size from small, medium to large. The word “mor” also means “nyan” in the Biak language or “road” where large round corals are piled up together.

West papua news – Snap Mor is best done during the “dead moon.” This is a condition where the moon is not full, usually between March and August where the low tide occurs longer from day to night. However, traditional fishing can also be done in other months, but can only be done at night because usually the water will recede at that speed.

For the people of Biak, Snap Mor usually begins with preparation first. They survey locations, best times to fish, and tides. Ideally, the best spot is a shallow area surrounded by low tides characterized by easterly winds and heavy rainfall. They prepare nets, boats, and spears or “kalawai” for use in the process. They also determine how many people will participate in the activity because sometimes they not only involve people from the same area but also people from other areas.

Before performing Snap Mor, a local elder will lead to perform a tribal ritual. The ritual begins with burning coconut leaves and installing gas-fired lamps to brighten the process. People gather in a circle and the leader of the ritual leads to pray for the success and safety of the activity. After that, people, both men and women, would go fishing together.

The Importance of Snap Mor for Biak People

In general, the meaning of Snap Mor for the Biak community has not changed much. Here are the social functions and cooperation which is described as follows.

Social Function

West Papua – Snap Mor serves to build social value because the process involves everyone without considering boundaries. From the initial planning to the Snap Mor fishing activities, everything involved everyone from parents to children both boys and girls. During the series of activities, social processes occur because many people who are busy with daily work can meet at the event

Cooperation Function

Traditional fishing traditions can also set up a cooperative function. It’s all managed through team work and between men and women, between old people and young people. This is in line with the word “mor” itself which is a meeting place for corals and sea stones of various sizes

Snap Mor Preservation

In order to preserve Snap Mor as a fishing tradition and the Biak people’s maritime culture, this will continue to be maintained. This activity is managed almost every year by each village by the local community. For them, it is more than catching fish but a well-maintained philosophy of togetherness, fair play and social values. The local government has also taken part in its preservation because it has held the Biak Munara Wampasi Festival or commonly called the BMW Festival since 2012. This festival is held with various interesting cultural events, such as Pancar Dance, Apen Bayeren, and SnapMor which are embellished with the sound of a thousand drums, traditional musical instruments, and the Wairon ship. Now this festival has been held every year since 2018, becoming the main agenda of Biak tourism.

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